Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back At It

Finally the problems with my blog have been resolved and I can start posting again. I find that my MS makes me prone to ignoring problems for awhile because I don't have the brain power to deal with it or have other more pressing issues that I need that energy for.

Now the only problem seems to be that I can't put any photos on here What a pain!
I don't understand why technology always lets me down. I do the same thing yet it doesn't work and there is no indication as to why.

I was in Vietnam from November 12- February 12, visiting my son who is an English teacher there.
I'm proud of myself that I was able to do that much travelling and managed to thrive in the heat.
I have to admit though that when I got back home it took at least a month for me to recover. Seems like the fatigue caught up with me all at once and I just collapsed in bed for days. Good thing I have grocery delivery .

 I was so tired that when I broke a tooth I couldn't rouse myself to get to the dentist which resulted in an abscess. I ended up in the hospital emergency with a face swollen like a balloon!

They gave me anti biotics  which cleared things up pretty quick and left me even more tired ;which is hard to believe.

I'll talk more about my trip another time. I have travel tips for older people with medical conditions.
I won't go into the crummy service of the airlines and the airports. That is pointless. It's our own fault anyway, because we want cheap, cheap fares.

I'm just happy that my blog is still alive and well ; and I am too. Maybe I'll even be able to add some pictures next time.

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