Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Z: Zen

Z: Zen

 Here is Jack Layton's letter to Canadians, although I think everyone, everywhere,  would feel inspired by it .
Jack Layton's Last Letter

Zen is a Buddhist teaching emphasizing meditation and intuition. During difficult times we should focus on what is important and trust our instincts.  Not always easy to do. There are times when we feel cheated, left out, used and abused. We wonder if we are making the right decisions; what with all the information that gets thrown at us. So much advice, so many people telling us what they think we should do. Some do it out of love, a love that often smothers more than it nurtures. Some are just plain busy bodies that have a need to fill. Others want to help, but have their own challenges to face. In the end, we are alone when it comes time to make decisions  about our lives and what  direction we should go.  We must push aside doubt, block the noise, focus, and do it. We can do it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Y: Youth

"How do I know my youth has been spent,
My get-up-and-go, got up and went.
But in spite of all that, I'm able to grin,
When I think where my get-up-and-go has been."

Pete Seeger 
Yeah I'm seriously lacking in "get up and go". Found out I will have to have my thyroid out, which really sucks and my legs are messed up . At least that hasn't  stopped me from getting out, even if it's just for short intervals. 

Went to the James Street Art Crawl last Friday. Hadn't been to it in months mostly  due to the weather. It rained all spring and then it was brutal hot and humid  most of the summer.
I don't mind so much feeling like I'm going to melt if I'm out on the nature trails, but going in and out of buildings with no air conditioning, is just too much for me. 

Have to say I was disappointed in the Art Crawl this time. It's turning more into a street festival; with food stalls, craft booths, and various special interest groups pushing their agenda. Hey !I have nothing against Vegans, yet I don't really think it's appropriate to  have a  t.v. on a public street, showing videos of piglets being slaughtered . It's the Art Crawl  and I came here to see art!!

There are so many of these festivals during the summer and they all have a sameness about them. Food, shopping,  really loud third rate bands, beer gardens, and those inflated bouncy castles for kids. And why would I want to sign up for a cell phone contract or a fitness club while I'm at an outdoor festival?  Hey I sound like a complaining old fogey!

Yeah, well, my life is not exactly a picnic right now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

X: X Rays

Before I talk about X Rays. Here's a few snaps from the Hamilton Caribbean Parade

And just a few metres away  a tribute to the Hiroshima dead.

A day of sorrow; a day of joy.

I find out that the X Rays I had to treat acne when I was a teenager, may have caused my thyroid problems.
I find out next week just how bad.

Monday, August 1, 2011

W: Warcraft

W: Warcraft

Picked up another addictive habit. Playing the online game Warcraft Cataclysm. My son and his friends play and
told me about a trail version, so I figured what the heck. It's blazing heat out and I feel so much better when I stay indoors, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I'm really terrible  at it, but have managed to get to level 15 with my Blood Elf character, although she has been killed and resurrected several times(damn those vampire mist bats!!) . So far  she can attack enemies with fire bolts and frost bolts. 

The game has "quests" to earn points to obtain a higher level. These quests are mostly  going around killing weird creatures and collecting things. The people who know what they're doing can chat, join groups, and guilds. I'm way too slow for all that, although I really would like to. It makes me feel good  to know  that I'm not the space cadet I think I am and can actually figure things out in this game and have a strategy.

Have some time to waste? Give it a try

Here's a good quote I found at Doonesbury.I couldn't agree more and it's another thing that makes me feel better. I'm not alone!!

"I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."
— Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup

In closing I just wanted to say that I published some recent comments but now I can't figure out where they went  and can't remember who they where from. They are really good comments too so Thank You.

  What's that I just said about not being a space cadet ?