Sunday, June 2, 2013


My house is  sold! I don't think the agent would mind  me using this photo.

 Surprising that it didn't take very long; less than a month to get an offer. I was worried  because houses in my city  can sit on the market for months, although I did  notice that a few other places in the neighbourhood also sold quickly. This is supposedly a "hot" area . The person who bought my house said to the agent that they are looking forward to going around the corner to Starbuck's. I guess that's as good a reason as any and what do I care.  

It was crazy for awhile. Every day at least two or three viewings That meant that not only  did I have  to keep the house super clean and tidy, I had to be out.  The couple of times I did stay home were awful. People are so rude and ask such stupid questions.  When I did go out,  I would return home to  doors  left unlocked, all the lights on , back door and gate open ( "come on in  thieves")  and people actually used my toilet!

Not my agent's fault, but all these other ding a ling agents, who were so rude. Like the one guy who was looking for a bargain for an investor (watch out for those guys!). Of course he found a hundred things wrong with the place.

Then there was the joke of a home inspection and I really don't understand why people waste money on them. I complained about the lazy, unprofessional way the inspection was done at my home. The list of things is too long to put here. I also complained about what I saw as a conflict of interest. The buyer pays for an inspection and then the buyer's agent and the inspector come and check out the house.  Who's representing the seller?  Anyway, they decided to withdraw the inspection based on my complaints.

So now I'm getting ready to move very soon. It's a killer for somebody with MS. I have to take advantage of the times I have energy, but Oh! does that ever run out quick and I can't get over how weak I'm getting.

I  won't say where I'm moving  to yet, but I do have a nice house waiting for me.  It's a rental so I will no longer have to worry about living in  a money pit.

I feel pretty good about things Retiring and selling my house were the right decisions.