Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr Fraser Mustard

Dr. Fraser Mustard died today.

 He was my doctor when I was only 2 years old and needed surgery for club foot.  Those were hard times for me and my family, but he helped us get through it. If it hadn't been for him who knows if I would even be able to walk.  He was a great man who did so much for children  He will be missed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Appeal to the South Asian Community

A member of my postcard club needs a bone marrow transplant. If you are South Asian and can help, please have a look here  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post Op

Here it is Thursday, day two after my surgery. What a relief to know that I only needed a partial removal of my thyroid and I won't require any medications, as the remaining part of my thyroid is normal.

My Thanks to the surgical team at St Joseph's Healthcare. The new day  surgery unit at that hospital is a marvel. Not only very efficient and well organized, but all the staff are friendly and caring.  Not surprised that it has been named one of the top employers in Canada for 2011.

 How wonderful to be able to go home after the surgery with no worries. I was assigned a home care nurse to check up on me, change my bandages, and monitor my drainage tube.   I had expected to pay for the supplies for the home visit, which consisted  of a large box packed with items; but no. When my son went to pick them up at the medical supply store, they said no charge! And that has nothing to do with my financial situation or anything else. It's all a part of my treatment.

 THANK GOD FOR CANADA'S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM !!!! I can't say it loud enough or often enough.  Anyone who says different is wrong.

  As a taxpayer I say we are better off investing those tax  dollars in healthcare, than wars, foreign aid,  or tax breaks for the corporate elite. Canada has always be pointed at as an inefficient,  socialist, unsustainable country. Well Bah! to that I say! Look at the G20, the Eurozone , and  the United States. They flouder and yet Canada has been able to hold it's own.  OK so we aren't they peace keepers anymore ( which is distressing to me) and  our current government looks too often to American Neo Cons, for inspiration, but Canada is still a pretty decent, fair place to live.

Even though I still have the challenge of MS to deal with;  I can say that right at this moment, I feel happy to be alive.