Friday, March 26, 2010

Day Time T.V. Part 2

OK I have given up daytime soaps. Not just because they are disgusting but also have pathetic plots, worst dialogue ever, and terrible actors.

Another reason I don't watch day time t.v. are the commercials, infomercials, and misinformation passing as news. I just can't handle it. I really should laugh at this stuff, but I can't. There are millions of people out there absorbing all this as truth. I mean, it must work otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it.

One so called news spot I really hate; to the point of wanting to write the t.v. station, is a segement called "Today is the Day", a health and fitness feature.

The exercises they show look dangerous and will wreck your joints. One exercise they were demonstrating was a variation of push ups. The fitness instructor did at least say you needed a spotter to help you. Yeah no kidding! You kneel on the floor and put you hands on fitness balls. You know the ones that are meant for balance excercises. Then you stretch out and balance yourself on these while doing push ups. Pushing up and down on them while trying to stop them from rolling around. A good way to land smack on your face!! Even the very fit demonstrator was struggling to do it.

Why bother? There are lots of ways to keep fit without straining your wrists and demolishing your face.

Then there is the nutrition advice. They have some idiot who wrote a book (they always have a book). This guy gives the most pointless, stupid, nutritional advice.
If you follow his 7 criteria for eating something you will end up having very little variety in your diet. Isn't that one of the reasosn why diets fail? Because people get bored eating skinless chicken and steamed vegetables? Yeah I like dark greens in my salad but iceberg lettuce gives crunch to a sandwich !! So what if it is 95% water. So are we.

I'm going back to watching old movies. Even if I do have to occasionally see the "Sham Wow" guy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Time Television

My adventure continues into this week. I'm hoping it will be done by next Monday.
Surprised to find out the passenger list for the train from Ontario to New York is submitted to Homeland Security. If you cross the border in a car they don't know who you are till you get there, but if you travel by train they do. Something not right about that.

I'm not much of a t.v. watcher and rarely turn on the tube during the day. I prefer to listen to the online radio while I work. Recently though I have been watching the soap All My Children(AMC). I don't need to watch everyday; Monday and Friday are the only times anything happens on this show. I got curious about AMC because a friend of mine uses it as an example of "female porn" in his "Propaganda and Mass Media" course. Female porn refers to fantasies that women have about men and very different than the ones men have about women. A good example is the Pine Sol commercial, with the woman lounging on a bed covered in rose petals, while a hunky topless male mops the floors. The fantasies usually have chocolate in them too.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry over AMC. It is so ridiculous that I can't take it seriously and yet at the same time I'm depressed by what goes on. One of the main characters, Erica Kane (played by Susan Lucci) has been married ten times, and has had several affairs, yet at least once a week she muses about finding that special someone she will spend the rest of her life with.

Talk about silly romantic notions! Yeah you will meet that perfect someone, but you don't have to do anything (like maybe act like a decent loving person?) it will just happen and it will be perfect.

Then you have the selfish spoiled rich boy, who is upset because Oh!, now people expect him to be nice to the person who donated bone marrow to save his life! This person, happens to be his father's current scheming conniving young wife that the spoiled boy hates. His sister hates her too. So the plan is to use this gift as a way to get back at her and get the father to divorce her. Forgetting of course that Dad has already been married several times himself and will just find another bimbo for them to hate.

I could go on and on here about the disgusting, slutty, selfish, destructive, characters. What is even more laughable( or cryable?) is the constant talk about how important family is and how much they love their children, even though half the time they need DNA tests to figure out who the fathers are of these kids!!

I'm not a prude and I sure don't want us to go back to the 1950's when everything was shoved in the closet, but I think we really have gone too far.

Is all entertainment now about people who have no sense of decency? Every woman a scheming slut and every man a pig? Swearing is commmon place and everything is a put down. What's so wrong about having some morals?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring and Falcons

Spring is here and the Falcons have returned to the nest at the Sheraton Hotel

From the Falconwatch website:


March 21, 2010 - As Falconwatch starts each season, one of our tasks is to confirm the identity of the adult Peregrines. While it is relatively easy to distinguish between larger females and smaller males, it is not always as easy to tell individual birds apart. Three times in the history of the Sheraton Hamilton nest site an adult has been replaced by another of the same gender without any fuss to signal to Falconwatchers that a change has occurred. For this reason each year we try to confirm identities by getting a good look at the bands on the legs of the adult falcons. We are pleased to advise that, as of yesterday afternoon, we can confirm the presence once again of Madame X and Surge. Falconwatch 2010 has begun. Stay tuned!"

This past week I had an orange seized by U.S. customs. It's OK for an orange to travel all the way from California to the grocery store in Hamilton, Ontario but it's not OK for the same orange to cross the border from Canada to New York State.
I was allowed to keep my banana from South America!

Why does spell check no longer work on my blog?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vapour Dreams

Yes another post about THC vapour.
Interesting how every batch of weed seems to have a different effect. This past week I have had some strange and lovely day dreams or should I say evening dreams, since that is the only time I use the stuff.

I dreamt of my late Aunt Aline, imagining her cottage in the Laurentians. We would spend afternoons picking raspberries or go for a swim in the creek that had a little waterfall. In the morning we sat on the veranda and sipped tea from her beautiful china mugs that were covered in a pink rose pattern. She had a huge flower garden that attracted humming birds.

I started to cry, realizing I will never go to that cottage again and never see her again. Why did she have to die so young? Why was her life so filled with tragedy?

Then my mind drifted to thoughts of food( no munchies thank goodness) and I started to make a list of all my favourite fruits: California oranges, raspberries, Niagara peaches and pears, watermelon. Mmmm I could taste each and every one.

I closed my eyes, Debussy was playing on the radio, although I can't remember which piece. I put my right hand on my forehead and it felt like it was inside my head. That sounds odd, but it was a very pleasant feeling, very comforting. I sat there and felt the music all around and inside. Pretty trippy stuff for me.

Tomorrow I am starting an adventure, which I can't talk about yet. If things go well I will post later in the week. If things go bad, I will still post later in the week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Variety of Crap

After nearly three solid days of rain the downpour has ended. If it had been snow? Ahhh, don't want to even think of that!

The birds decided to take refuge on my veranda all weekend. I went out this morning to sort out the recycling and Oh! what a mess. Like a giant poop bomb had exploded and covered everything and I mean everything! in muck. It took me two hours to get that cleaned up. Dear little birds I love you, but can you please find another spot to use as a toilet?

Yesterday evening a friend convinced me to go to "Sexapooloza" an adult sex show. What a pathetic joke it was. I can only describe it by saying a kids grade school science fair is more professional. They had this thing called "The Dungeon" with a sign saying no photos allowed, so I thought it was going to be something really heavy. It was a ridiculous joke! People in their street clothes leaning against a wall and supposedly getting whipped; when all they were doing is brushing them lightly with a long piece of black cloth. The staff weren't even dressed up! The vendors were selling the typical junk you find in adult stores. Cheap lingerie, toys, and enough lubricant to moisten the entire world population. Who knew there were so many different versions of that stuff!

They had a stage show with the skinniest, ugliest, most badly dressed, male and female strippers. And the horrible music !! So loud and awful. There were cardboard cut outs that you could put your face in and have your picture taken. I won't even bother to describe them they where that stupid.

There was something childish about the whole affair, like a bunch of male teenagers had gotten together and punked all of us. Why can't we ever seem to get sexuality right? We either brand it as sinful, turn it into a medical process, treat it as porn, or act silly about it.

If this thing comes to your town save yourself $10.00 and stay home.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Oh! I have a rotten cold. My head feels like a watermelon with a spike stuck in it. It makes me feel even more fatigued. Hard to belive that is possible.

Had to go for an EKG this week. No, nothing wrong with my heart. I mention it only because I had something a bit odd happen.

The technician told me to strip from the waist up. She didn't give me a gown or sheet. I asked if I should remove my bra and she said yes and still no cover up offered. She told me to lie down and I did, still no sheet, no nothin. So there I was semi naked having this test done. Not a big deal, just made me feel funny. I guess the test was so quick, about two minutes, that it wasn't worth wasting linens on me?

The Paralympics began in Vancouver today. Nice to see the tribute to Terry Fox.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


If you enjoy astrology have a look at these horoscopes which I think are the best. A smattering of Astronomy mixed in with Astrology to give you an understanding of how the universe shapes us.
Philip Booth use to do horoscopes for the Toronto Star and is now independent. Not silly ones like "you will meet the love of your life today and buy shoes". OK so maybe all astrology is silly, but I don't know, sometimes they really hit home.

Had my sleep interrupted by racket outside last night. In a way it was good because now I appreciate how much better and sounder I am sleeping thanks to my lovely THC vapour. I will never miss a chance to say how good it is.

My mouth is nearly recovered from the teeth pulling last week. I'm putting off dental appointments for awhile. One more tooth needs to get yanked and I'm not really in the mood for a week of feeling like I have a baseball stuffed in my mouth.

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day Part 2

Cool that a women won an Oscar for best director on the eve of International Women's Day. Not so cool that 4 out 5 women say they have been subjected to violence and that women are losing ground when it comes to money. Women's earnings went up and peaked in the nineties, now they are falling in terms of how much they make compared to men.
And let's face it; women carry most of the burden at home too. Still do most of the chores and most of the worrying. Had a woman last week tell me she needed to pick up the kids at school and then rush to do groceries. Her husband had complained the night before that there was no food in the house!! I told her about grocery delivery and I hope she checks it out.

AND!! Sarah Palin, she who is very good at "do as I say, not as I do"; admitted she crossed the border to take advantage of Canada's health care system. It says so here Please don't tell me anyone thinks she is fit to be president.

Contrary to myth, Americans travel abroad for cheaper medical care far more than Canadians go to America for health services.

Hope all you ladies out there had a great day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

International Women's Day

Check for events where you live here


Beautiful weather outside 10C. Thought I do a quick post before I head out for a walk.
I have a bruise on the side of my face due to having two teeth pulled this week. I'll be glad when the implants go in because it feels strange to have a big gap in my mouth.
Heard back from the doctor in Albany about the CCSVI tests and clinical trials for the surgery. Doesn't mean I'm in but at least I'm on the list. Still have to look into what's happening with this at my local hospital. I know they need $350,000 more to begin their research.

I'm not knocking the Olympics but we spent $55 million on the "Own the Podium" program for 14 gold medals. My hospital has to beg for a few hundred thousand that could change the lives of thousands of people. Where are our priorities?