Monday, April 9, 2012


Ahh is it really April already and have I not been blogging for so long?

My excuse this time is disenchantment with the entire internet, but most especially with social networking.

It really blew my mind when I found out  that co-workers troll the various networks like Facebook, with the express purpose of being  tattle tales.

 Imagine a person going to the big boss, to tell them how they read on a blog, (not mine) that a person on a disability pension, went on a cross border shopping trip to Buffalo.

 The disabled  individual has chronic fatigue in addition to other health problems and is obese.  I only know this because we crossed paths trying to get accommodations at work. So I guess the implication is: What is a fat, tired person, who collects a pension,  doing,  travelling all that distance to shop?

My question is:  What business is it or yours and why do you care?  And of course it's always the person who acts like they are sweetness and light who does these dirty deeds.
So now, until I retire I really don't feel like sharing much about my personal life, my political views, belief systems, or any other topics that busy bodies can misconstrue to do me harm. I already have enough challenges. Challenges like : the decline in my walking, ever increasing fatigue, and the sudden unexplained coughing fits that I think are due to my recent surgery. More misery to tell the doctor about next week.

Oh! just so everyone knows. I am now 100 percent legal to grow and posses my own marijuana for medical purposes. So as Lady Gratham  would say " Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!