Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome Too

You can see from the pictures that spring is busting out all over. Only a few short weeks ago I was still wearing winter boots ! The bottom shot is a not very good one of a tiny waterfall. It's blocked off by a high chain link fence which makes it tricky to take photos of. I think I have figured out a way to get close to it by following a trail in the trees. Too many bugs right now to do that. I'm already itchy enough without adding to it with mosquito bites.

I'm going out today to try out a new trail, meaning one I haven't been on yet. Even though I have my "axe in the head" thing and a really sore neck from sitting sideways on the bus yesterday. Why don't they make the public transit buses bigger and forget these awful side seats .
For that matter why don't they make packaging easier to open so I stop stabbing myself in the hand and hurting my fingers. They could also come up with nicer, easier to install, pocket doors. I'm so sick of banging into my bathroom door knob. I have removed most of the doors in my house for that reason, and would gladly get rid of the bathroom one, if I lived alone and never had any visitors.

I'd like to welcome Cranky from Musing's of a Cranky Caregiver, Jeff from Learning to Live with Multiple Sclerosis, and Stuart of Stu's Views, to my blog . Thanks for stopping by, adding comments, and becoming followers . Check out their blogs in my MS blog links. My blog listing doesn't show every MS blog out there I only post links to ones I read regularly and there are only so many hours in the day to read blogs.

Also Susan, If you are reading this. Do you have a blog ? If you do, I seem to be too stunned to figure out where it is, so please let me know.

Still working on my vlog. Hope to have that up and running sometime this week.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Only in Canada You Say ?

This could only happen in Canada

Working From Home

Taking a short break here to let you all know, I'm working from home 4 days per week now !!!
More details in another post.
My son has convinced me to do a Vlog He set me up with a Youtube account and video software. I guess he figures since I have such a big mouth, I may as well put it to good use.
I've decided it will be about working at home and will naturally include MS discussion too.
Not sure exactly when that will get going but I'm looking forward to it.

Interesting report on the radio today. People with Down's Syndrome rarely get cancer. That's because they have an extra copy of a gene that prevents tumours from growing. There's an article in Nature about it which I will check out later.

Time to get back to work Oh yeah my pays are back to normal too. It's been so long, I had forgotten how much money I make. Not bad. Going on a holiday soon too . Things are definitely looking up . My blood pressure is 116/75.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pet Rocks

Here I am with my pet rock !! Remember those things ? If you do you are an older person.
Going for a test Wednesday to find out what's happening with this crazy ear thing

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Made it to the last day of the Lilac Festival. It was wonderful . The first picture is a view of the harbour from the highway.

The Boredom of MS

Getting up in the morning with a headache. The same rotten headache that has been hanging around for two weeks. The on again, off again, whooshing sound in my ears, which now features a pulse in my right ear, and always happens when I am in most desperate need of sleep. Waking up in the morning, thinking of all they things that need to get done. Going to bed at night knowing not even half got done. The "to do" list, getting longer, never shorter. Always needing a list, otherwise things will be forgotten. Having to pay people to do things I use to be able to do myself. Carrying two small measly bags of shopping and it feels like a ton. Anxiety attacks , especially in crowded places. Avoiding social commitments because I might not be able to fulfill them. Feeling " Oh so very tired" most of the time, and the ever shifting pains .

Feeling like a rotten, miserable, complaining, hypochondriac.

Do I have anything good to say ? Yes. Summer has arrived . These are the nice milder days with no humidity . The days when the heating is finally off and no need for the air conditioner, yet.

My backyard is actually starting to look like a proper yard, instead of the jungle morass it has been, since my body and brain decided they didn't like the sun anymore. I might even take a few pictures and post them here.

And I promis I will sort out all the awards everyone has been bestowing on me and pass them on

Oh please let these lovely days continue for awhile.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry Blog

Ever have days when you simply can't handle all the inconsiderate morons and all the double talk b.s. ? How can people be so wrapped up in their own little worlds that they can't even move slightly on the elevator to let me get off with my humgous brief case.Even when I say excuse me loudly and they can see clearly that I have such a huge case. Why are there still people who think that we want to listen to their "easy listening rock" on the radio all day? Hey ! Get an Ipod. And why do people ask how my weekend was only because they want to tell me about there weekend and couldn't care less about me. And why are people so willing to believe gossip, yet will deny truth ?
That's the thing about not feeling good. I notice crap going on around me too much and can't block it out like I use to be able to do.

Came home just in time to say good bye to the fence dude. He did a great job and I have privacy. Ha Ha!! snoopy neighbour . With my high fence and even higher bushes, I have now blocked you out completely . Yeah I seem to be in an extreme anti social mood Only wish I had more energy to devote to my blog . Grinding out reports on a computer all day can really kill the creative urge. No energy left for past times.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

31 Facts About MS

Thanks to Kim At Mandatory Rest Period for reminding me about MS month.
Read a fact about MS everyday for the month of May

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mudline and Hunky Fence Dude

Thursday morning while I was working from home (Oh Joyous day !) there was a knock at the front door. I opened it to see a well muscled arm and then a very cute face. It was the fence building dude, and what a hunk of man he is ! Not overly muscular, just enough to be interesting.
I was wishing to be 30 years younger and then was annoyed because I can be 30 years younger and maybe still too old . Then when I went downstairs to throw some laundry in the machine, I looked out the window and saw a really good looking pair of legs!!
God loves to play games with us . I have to have this nice looking guy around for a week, wearing shorts and a cut off tshirt, and I can't do a thing about it.

If you want to read one of my favourite cartoons, check out Doonesbury .
If you want to read some unbelievably outrageous comments( none of them good) check out the Mudline there.
With all the serious economic problems and turmoil in the world, it's amazing that the pundits have nothing better to do. Dumb comments by a beauty pageant queen, don't merit that much outrage.

As for me, the awful foot and neck pain is gone thanks to a sleeping pill last night. Used in moderation (only when I'm a real wreck) sleeping pills kill pain better than anything. I don't think they do much long term to aid sleep and can become habit forming, so I stick to using them only when I'm desperate. That's a night when I have too many things on my mind and in lots of pain.

Latest technology woe is now the TV and the digital box aren't apeaking to each other, even though I did set the remote back to TV mode after playing my Wii . Maybe there's some tech poltergiest floating around my house, because I can't get anything to work right.

Will we ever get to the point were we can use all this great stuff without all the hassles ?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Non MS Pains

I pulled a muscle in my neck, so if you are bored check out Gulfmann's Stamp collection He also has links to many stamp and postcard sites. Can't get my new phone to talk to the computer to download photos Grrrrrrr ! Have lots of nice lilac photos to share Grrrrr!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No More Info For You

Got a very sour reaction today when I withdrew my consent to discuss my medical file. Well, being honest and cooperative didn't get me anything but humiliation, so why bother ?
Anyway, back to playing scuba. I highly recommend it to relieve stress. A very relaxing game, even if it is pointless .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Endless Time Waster

I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I have wasted (enjoyed) playing Endless Ocean
So if my blog is a little skimpy for awhile, you know what I'm up to !

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hitch Hiking Geese ?

My son took this picture with his phone camera yesterday.
Don't ask me what this geese family was doing on the bridge over the highway. Luckily they were rescued by a nice couple who herded them safely toward the ravine.


Want to try some different news channels ? Download Livestation for free
In the past 24hrs I have watched : the Riz Khan show, an interview with Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscow's preparations for Victory day (May 9, pro and con), The risks of reporting on genital mutilation in Sierra Leone, the Pakistan refugee crisis, and ad for,(more on that in another post) .

So if you are tired of stories about swine flu, what kind of mustard President Obama has on his hamburgers, and Ashton Kutcher's musings about Twitter The creation of Twitter... is as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television or the personal computer."
-- Ashton Kutcher
(yeah he really said that) Try it !!
Sure there's jingoistic propaganda, but there's lots of that in the Western media too. You're smart enough to figure it out and you don't need the government to tell you.
Do you?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paying For It

Went to see Il Divo last night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It was a Mother's Day treat from my son. I loved them! Fantastic !
Thank You son !!

Sorry I have no photos, as my camera had the wrong kind of batteries in it, my cellphone is broken, and my son's phone was low. Oh well, it's all here in my head.

I took today as a vacation day as I knew that I would be a wreck. Ha ! Wreck is mild.
I'm a total zombie disaster with a mega headache. It's beyond belief that I can experience new depths of fatigue. Were is the bottom ?

Speaking of cell phones. My new, free one, was delivered today. The upgraded version of my old phone, but just as stupid and annoying. Who ever writes these instruction books needs to go back to school. They also need to try the phone before they do illustrations, because very few of the buttons correspond to what is shown in the pictures. At least this one really does have an mp3 player in it, were as the old one only pretended to. They even threw in free headphones and all the other accessories . I guess the company knows how awful the phone is and thinks bribes will ease the pain of trying to figure it out. It does slightly.

I have a couple of awards I still have to put on my blog and also award them to others . First I need to pull this axe out of my head .

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nice and Quiet

OK I removed my uniq clock. I liked it, yet others found it loud and annoying. I think I'll go back to my other quiet clock.

Sunday and it's a new week, new month. Had to give in this weekend and put a down payment on a new fence in the backyard. My neighbour(the OK one) is having her's done. The guys seem to be doing a good job on it, so I decided to get them over to my place for a quote. Not bad really, as I only have to do one side and I don't need to replace my gate, as it is fairly new. Not that I have the money . If I waited to have money, I would never get anything done. Oh and it's going to be higher than the old one, so that will give the other neighbour(the Bad one) less to snoop about.

I sure hope I have a better work week because this past one was awful. Some people have no clue what confidential means, some people fancy themselves to be amateur psychiatrists, others are just plain meddlesome busy bodies. I was sorely disappointed at how they tried to renege on the tele work arrangement. That's still on track though and it seems I have a couple of people in my corner now .

At least I am rid of one miserable ogre, who kept telling everyone about my "cognitive issues". That person should know, since they were the cause of them !!
Good riddance. (Just hope you don't cause anyone else so much misery on your way to the top)

I'm exhausted today. I think it's a hangover effect from all the gardening I did yesterday. Hard to accept that this is the way it will always be. That I will pay the price for trying to act like my old energetic self. I keep forgetting she's gone.

Have to compliment the U.K. MS Society. They do an excellent job of raising awareness of MS. I'm leaving the link to "MS Out Loud" on for awhile as there are so many good ideas on it.

Time for a shower before the Opera show

Oh yeah forgot to mention the movie Nixon/Frost, is worth a look if you haven't seen it.