Friday, November 16, 2012


Not much going on, so that's why I haven't posted on my blog for a while.OK that's not exactly true, but some things I either can't share or won't.

Social media can be a good thing, but it also carries a heavy burden You think you have privacy and can express yourself  freely? Wrong.  If they can get the head of the CIA, they can get you.

So I would like to talk about my work  and social experiences however with all the rumour mongers and spies out there, it's just not worth it.

I can say that I will be retiring  early 2013. Don't want to publish the exact date yet until I get closer to that time.  The bureaucracy can be very unreliable.

Do I sound negative? Sorry. The world can be a disappointing place sometimes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer 2012

Summer 2012

And wasn't it a hot one! So many days with record breaking temperatures . It was a challenge for me and I'm sure for everyone else out there with MS. Most days I could only go out if my clothes were stuffed with frozen cooler packs!

At least all the crazy pains in my legs have disappeared. I still walk much slower than ever; but I can walk, and can still  climb the 200 stairs at the harbour trail. Slowly.  

On those super hot days  I had  things to keep me busy : my garden, postcards, and an online course from Coursera .

I recommend trying a course there. They are free for now as the site is in the beta stage, so I imagine once they sort out the bugs they will either start charging money or zap us with a million ads like all the other sites do. I have ad blocker from  Google  Chrome which really works to get rid of those pesky ads.
Here's a few snaps from the Locke St. Festival, which is held every September and is right around the corner from my place.  

That's me posing with the car for Festitalia which is this weekend. I have my free sunglasses on that I picked up at one of the booths.

Then there are the energetic folks who make it a good time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drugs; It's Your Choice

Found two interesting articles in the news today.

 Injectable MS drugs do not halt disease progression. My own opinion on this is that I don't believe that MS is an autoimmune disease. The immune system attacks the lining of the brain and spine due to inflammation. What is causing that?  One theory is that blood is backing up in the brain; causing inflammation. Another is that a lack of vitamin D or poor absorption of vitamin D could be responsible.

The study cited in this article does say that interferons cut MS relapses. I still don't understand how they reached that conclusion given that MS is so unpredictable.

Then we have another study showing that marijuana does reduce pain and vaporizers are an effective way to give the benefits of weed without harmful tars and other chemicals.

For myself I can  state that marijuana is the best pain reliever I have ever used. I no longer need to take Ibuprofen or ASA.  It also calms my muscle spasms and my"nighttime worries". For some reason the night is when I think of all the terrible things that might happen to me, which makes it so hard to get to sleep.  A few puffs on my vaporizer and I calm down and fall asleep.  Nice!

I know using a vaporizer is much better than smoking a joint. If I had to smoke marijuana I would give it up. Smoking marijuana is almost as bad as  smoking cigarettes
The coughing and throat irritation tells me that something bad is going into my lungs

So the choice is yours to make. Everyone is different. Keeping yourself informed in order to make wise decisions about your health is one of the best things you can do.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation 2012

Back home after a nice holiday visiting friends in New Mexico.

Went to the UFO festival in Roswell, to help my friend promote a book of which he is coauthor and editor.

"The Aztec Incident" is another UFO crash that occurred in  Aztec, New Mexico, which is near the Four Corners area of the state.

Had lots of fun at the festival! An interesting mixture of serious UFO researchers and authors, and the foil hat crowd. Those who think the aliens will come to save us and others who think they will have us for breakfast and I don't mean as guests.

The website  has the first chapter which you can read for free. There's also a link to a YouTube video about an Aztec Incident documentary.

It sure was nice of people to be willing to pose for the camera You just ever know who you will meet at these events:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treating Yourself  Expo 2012

Here I am once again  visiting the Treating Yourself Expo at the  Toronto Convention Centre

Here's Cannabis Dude

Had a great time. Spent too much money and came home exhausted. I was slightly disappointed because before I left home I decided to switch purses and  forgot  my possession license!! That meant I couldn't try out the Vape Lounge, where they had a selection of different vapourizers  to use so long as you brought your own weed. I didn't want to do that, I just wanted to see the different makes because I would like to get a portable  vape device.

I also couldn't take advantage of many of the offers from various compassionate clubs and sellers.  They really impressed me with their genuine desire to help people !

That will all change once the current government implements new policies for medical marijuana, which are expected to be in force in about two years.

You will no longer be permitted to grow your own weed, nor will compassionate clubs be  permitted to grow it for you. You will  no longer be able to buy weed from compassionate clubs, but only from government approved sources. Well really only one source, which I refer to as Weed Inc.

I can understand  why the government wants to tighten the regulations. I'm certain that many people who use medical marijuana abuse the system by giving or selling  some of their legally acquired cannabis to others.
I could do it very easily. My legal limit is 90 grams per month but I only use about 15- 20 grams maximum per month. If I grow my own what's to stop me from selling or giving away the rest?

Another consideration is  that people often grow far more than they are legally allowed and there is no way of checking unless you want the police to go around verifying every person .

My answer to this dilemma is that marijuana should be legalized,yet I'm concerned that there will only be one source for it . When you purchase from Weed Inc. they only have one kind of weed and you have no clue what it is. It is also irradiated, so I'm not so sure that is a good thing.

 I have learned from going to these Expo's that different types of marijuana can help with different symptoms of illness.  For example Indica is better for pain than Sativa,.so people need to have choices

 Why not have something like the  Beer Store, where they have a selection of many brands and types of beer?  Have weed  tightly regulated just like booze and educate people on the pros and cons just like booze.

Since I began using marijuana to treat my MS I can say that it is the best drug I have tried. I may sound like a hypocrite when I say that it really shouldn't be used as a recreational drug, but it's not my business why people use it.

The Young Liberals, of the Liberal Party of Canada, were the only ones who came out in the open at the Expo  and said that they will have the legalization of marijuana  as part of the Liberal Party platform for the next election.

For me that is a good enough reason to vote for them and I will !

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling the Generation Gap Part 2

OK so I can't figure out how to edit in the new Blogger  I'll keep trying.

In my last post I didn't address the Generation Gap; which I experienced for the first time  at the James Street. Art Crawl.

The people in the photo below  are opening a juice bar. As a promotion they were offering samples of a drink that was green and kind of slimy looking. When they offered me some I joked and asked if it was a new version of "Soylent Green"  They had no clue  what I was talking about. My son laughed because he knew, but that's because he's use to his mother watching weird movies all the time.

No  interesting art  that night. Here are the  Hammer City Roller Derby Ladies

Feeling the Generation Gap

Ahh! Am away from my blog for a month and Blogger decides to go for a "new look". Not the best thing for a tired MS blogger to see and figure out. I suppose I will get use to it but truthfully I'm getting fed up with constant change that really just seems to be for the sake of change.

Here's a new study showing that cannabis really does relieve MS symptoms. The draw back is that cannabis can   decrease cognitive  function. My answer to that , me being a legal marijuana user,  is to only use it  in the evening  or before going to bed. I find that allows the effects on cognitive function  to wear off  and   I have no problem doing my work  or other activities. Also the  Indica, type of cannabis gets you less high and works better to relieve pain and muscle spasms.

Now I'm a very light user. Legally I'm permitted  90 grams per month but I'm averaging about 15 grams, so   if I was using the full 90 grams, I would most likely be spaced out. I'm saving that for when I retire.

The problem with using marijuana is the perceptions people have. That's why I don't like to talk about it much with non users. If I forget something or feel out of it "Oh! it's because I'm a stoner". Using marijuana means I must be  a hippie, wasted, loser.

 It's especially humorous  when these comments come from people that I know who take  several prescription medications, including powerful opiates. You see that's OK because the doctor prescribed it.  And the doctor would never give you something harmful or addictive Right?

Certainly I don't think doctors are dope pushers, but they seem to be relying more and more on drugs as being the answer to all medical problems.  I never leave a doctor's office without some kind of prescription. My routine is to either throw the script in the garbage or get it filled and let the pills sit in the cupboard unused.

You might think that is reckless of me or that I'm not being a good patient; not wanting to improve my condition.

I've done my research and I know that anti depressants don't work  unless you really are clinically depressed which most people aren't.  That painkillers like Percoset and Oxycontin are highly addictive and can have serious side effects. Ditto for sleeping pills.

Injectable MS drugs supposedly  slow progression and  lessen the number of relapses I know lots of people who use them, but they don't seem to be doing any better than me. MS is so unpredictable and different in everyone; so how do they know those  drugs  do what they claim?  I mean if I were to use injectables how would I know that I'm having fewer relapses or that my symptoms are less severe? Compared to what?

Then there are the anti fatigue medications with my favourite side effect: Insomnia!!  Seems kind of pointless to me. Oh yeah and the drugs for muscle spasms that cause tremors.

Thanks I'll stick to my weed

Monday, April 9, 2012


Ahh is it really April already and have I not been blogging for so long?

My excuse this time is disenchantment with the entire internet, but most especially with social networking.

It really blew my mind when I found out  that co-workers troll the various networks like Facebook, with the express purpose of being  tattle tales.

 Imagine a person going to the big boss, to tell them how they read on a blog, (not mine) that a person on a disability pension, went on a cross border shopping trip to Buffalo.

 The disabled  individual has chronic fatigue in addition to other health problems and is obese.  I only know this because we crossed paths trying to get accommodations at work. So I guess the implication is: What is a fat, tired person, who collects a pension,  doing,  travelling all that distance to shop?

My question is:  What business is it or yours and why do you care?  And of course it's always the person who acts like they are sweetness and light who does these dirty deeds.
So now, until I retire I really don't feel like sharing much about my personal life, my political views, belief systems, or any other topics that busy bodies can misconstrue to do me harm. I already have enough challenges. Challenges like : the decline in my walking, ever increasing fatigue, and the sudden unexplained coughing fits that I think are due to my recent surgery. More misery to tell the doctor about next week.

Oh! just so everyone knows. I am now 100 percent legal to grow and posses my own marijuana for medical purposes. So as Lady Gratham  would say " Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Medical News - Not So New

Once again I have neglected my blog. At least I have an excuse. The wireless router on my computer has been acting up. Seems like I have no choice but to continue buying the latest technology, just to keep up.

Two interesting articles in the news. The first one is in regards to an MS drug that is responsible for 11 deaths due to heart failure.  I'll comment in the next paragraph. The other is about over diagnosis 

The  reasons I don't take any medications for my MS, except  medical marijuana, is due partly  to my concerns over side effects, but mainly because I don't believe they work.  

The drug mentioned in the article above is a perfect example of why.  The question I have about drugs for relapsing/ remitting MS (the type I have) is how can they say for certain any drug reduces  the number of relapses? Relapses are so random; I never know when I'll have one. Sure there are things that can bring on a relapse, such as  my recent  thyroid surgery, otherwise I can't really say for certain what brings them on nor can my doctor. So if there is no predictable way of determining how often I will have a relapse;  how  can I know for certain a drug is reducing them?

The side effects of many MS drugs can be serious, even fatal. Is it really worth the risk of heart failure for me to take a drug that possibly doesn't  truly work?

Thanks. I'll stick to my vaporizer  and suck it up. No pun intended

As for over diagnosis I am one of those people who doesn't believe that early that early diagnosis saves lives and I  believe it can actually do more harm.  There seems to be more and more research to back that up.

I never have any regular tests done, with the exception of ones for MS, and that's only because of  job.

Yep! No mammograms, colonoscopies,  pap smears, diabetes tests and so on. My blood pressure  does get a regular check, only because that seems to be the routine no matter what doctor you see.

I know  people will say that it was thanks to tests that doctors were able to diagnose my MS.  Oh and what a crazy twisted path that was for years and years. And what good did it do me?  Every six months I go to the neurologist and when I leave I still have MS, there is no cure, and not much of anything  anybody can do about it.  Am I any better off?

When I retire I will never have another MRI or any other tests and I will avoid doctors as much as possible.  Yeah that's me; wild and reckless!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The MS Card

So much I want to write about.
 When I have time, I have no energy.  When I have energy, there are so many other things that need attention. And of course when I really do need energy, MS laughs at me and  drains every drop.

The MS Card.  In some ways it is like a credit card, in the bad sense; that the MS card will always have a deficit and  it will be a temptation to use it.  What exactly do I mean by the MS card? Well I guess it is something I can use to explain why there are so many things I would like to do, but MS prevents me from doing them.

 I really hate using it, but I learned a valuable lesson that sometimes I really must.

 Example: A few weeks ago,  I was summoned to jury duty. It was clear in the summons that the trial could go on for at least three months. When I filled out the questionnaire I said that yes, I would be able to commit to that time period. Oh how stupid of me! Thank goodness the judge excused me because of my job. I guess someone involved in case had a connection to my employer.  What a mistake it would have been if I had not disclosed  my MS ( which is what I planned to do) and had been selected as a juror. Yeah I suppose I could have  begged off at a later date, however that would have required a medical certificate  and a whole lot of bother for everyone.

At the end of  my one day at court, I was  exhausted from doing not much of anything.  I came home and   tried  to revive myself:  tea, a shower, food,  a glass of wine, music. Nothing worked! Even trying a nap was painful!

 I was  miserable  sitting on the sofa and mad at myself that I was so foolish to think I could have taken on such a responsibility, yet at the same time feeling like a total loser that I couldn't.

So next time, even though it sucks to use the MS card,  I will have no choice.  I have to stop thinking that I'm still the old me that can do everything and accept that  the new me can't  do much of anything. At least not most of the time, or not when MS decides I can't.

It really sucks though , really really sucks!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012 - Good Riddance 2011

Decided to  use my morning coffee break to update my blog.

I really meant o do a year end wrap up a couple of weeks ago, but there was just so much going on over the holidays Some of it good, some of it really awful.

2011 was the usual roller coaster ride. The year ended on a positive note. My new "duty to accommodate" contract at work is good for a year. I only have to be in the office 10% of my time; barring any unforeseen need  to be there, like a meeting or seminar. Thank God ( and I really do mean it when I say that) .

When I received the news I broke down in tears of joy and said a prayer. All the struggles, all the hassles, that could have been avoided but that's human nature. We don't seem to be capable of admitting when we're wrong until a very long struggle has occurred. I know I had to let go of many of the small  grievances that I now see were petty and focus on the ultimate goal: to continue to work, be productive  for as long as I can, and retire with dignity.

Then there was the surgery on my thyroid which turned out to be the best case scenario. Hooray!

The saga of the tree falling on my house still continues to plague me, but only in small ways. I'm hoping my house will be back to normal by spring.

So moving on to 2012.

 I have already broken two of my resolutions To take a break from online shopping and  Ebay auctions. My excuses being that I can't resist free shipping and I simply can't face  going to a mall ! It was so great to be able to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping online. No crowds, no overheating, no confusion, no exhaustion. Just a  computer and a nice cup of tea.

Three of my other resolutions I have already made positive steps toward achieving. They are:  my diet ( yeah how boring of me), to do more writing (non blog related ) and the biggest and most challenging one; to eliminate emotional poison in my life.

I can no longer permit the human drama and  the  endless soap opera  to infect me. My health is at stake. I see how the negativity of others makes me get sick. If they want to live in the past, blame me for their failures, and continue to abuse themselves physically and mentally; good for them.  I'm not going to allow myself to become  fat, miserable, alcoholic, out of shape, and  irrelevant.  And for those of you trying to drag me down that path. I say goodbye to you. You aren't my friends. Hmm this sounds very  negative, but it's out of my system now.

It isn't easy to turn my back on so many family and friends; but it must be done. I want to move on. I want to hold on to those that I truly love. I want to enjoy my life for as long as this crummy MS will let me.  Oh yes there's no getting away from that monkey on my back, but  I'll save that for another post

Anyway, I'm going to do something daring here. Post a photo of myself from New Years Eve 2011. I'm doing it to show the world( that is anybody who still reads this blog)  and bust the MS stereotypes !!

Cheers everybody!!