Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treating Yourself  Expo 2012

Here I am once again  visiting the Treating Yourself Expo at the  Toronto Convention Centre

Here's Cannabis Dude

Had a great time. Spent too much money and came home exhausted. I was slightly disappointed because before I left home I decided to switch purses and  forgot  my possession license!! That meant I couldn't try out the Vape Lounge, where they had a selection of different vapourizers  to use so long as you brought your own weed. I didn't want to do that, I just wanted to see the different makes because I would like to get a portable  vape device.

I also couldn't take advantage of many of the offers from various compassionate clubs and sellers.  They really impressed me with their genuine desire to help people !

That will all change once the current government implements new policies for medical marijuana, which are expected to be in force in about two years.

You will no longer be permitted to grow your own weed, nor will compassionate clubs be  permitted to grow it for you. You will  no longer be able to buy weed from compassionate clubs, but only from government approved sources. Well really only one source, which I refer to as Weed Inc.

I can understand  why the government wants to tighten the regulations. I'm certain that many people who use medical marijuana abuse the system by giving or selling  some of their legally acquired cannabis to others.
I could do it very easily. My legal limit is 90 grams per month but I only use about 15- 20 grams maximum per month. If I grow my own what's to stop me from selling or giving away the rest?

Another consideration is  that people often grow far more than they are legally allowed and there is no way of checking unless you want the police to go around verifying every person .

My answer to this dilemma is that marijuana should be legalized,yet I'm concerned that there will only be one source for it . When you purchase from Weed Inc. they only have one kind of weed and you have no clue what it is. It is also irradiated, so I'm not so sure that is a good thing.

 I have learned from going to these Expo's that different types of marijuana can help with different symptoms of illness.  For example Indica is better for pain than Sativa,.so people need to have choices

 Why not have something like the  Beer Store, where they have a selection of many brands and types of beer?  Have weed  tightly regulated just like booze and educate people on the pros and cons just like booze.

Since I began using marijuana to treat my MS I can say that it is the best drug I have tried. I may sound like a hypocrite when I say that it really shouldn't be used as a recreational drug, but it's not my business why people use it.

The Young Liberals, of the Liberal Party of Canada, were the only ones who came out in the open at the Expo  and said that they will have the legalization of marijuana  as part of the Liberal Party platform for the next election.

For me that is a good enough reason to vote for them and I will !


Tracy A.K.A Chiroii (shy-roy) said...

MS patients please comment here at my blogsite. I've cured myself by the grace of God and I'd like to know if anyone else has.


awb said...

Cannabus Dude is my new best friend!