Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

Here I am planting trees on a very cold Earth Day.

 The weather went from summer like to winter  in one day, so hmm, is there such a thing as climate change?  I think yes , not that we are really doing much to stop it.

 When a young woman asked me if I wanted a sign to put in my lawn "Stop the Pipeiline" or something like that, I pointed out the  scores of SUV's and trucks parked in the lot at the Botanical Gardens.  As long as we continue to promote the use of gas guzzling vehicles; turning out a light or planting a tree on Earth Day  makes us feel good,  but isn't doing us much good.  I took a free shuttle to the event. A smoky, smelly, vehicle it was; so  much for my efforts to lessen global warming. Well, I keep trying.

This old tree has seen better days.  

As for me. Only 4 more days till retirement!!