Friday, November 1, 2013

Tech Fails

Here is the Shediac lobster.  In New Brunswick  you can get  lobster really cheap, but milk is nearly double the price I paid in  Ontario.  The rent is  reasonable, but heating oil is very expensive and the only type of heating.  Still, I think I'm way ahead financially and most definitely emotionally.
Haven't updated the old blog in awhile and today just seemed  the right time  to do it. Everything else is a huge fail with  plenty of tech woes!
One of those days when things go wrong and nothing seems to work. I won't bore anyone with details of my customer service  complaints, since that seems to be  universal. Does anyone have positive experiences with that?

Why did I tell people I have MS? I thought they should know, just in case something happens to me. Big mistake! Now I have all these well meaning folks offering remedies and cures. I try to be polite and thank them,  but what I really want to do, is tell them to get lost. 

I'm amazed at the health, nutritional, and lifestyle myths that people believe. Beliefs that may even be endangering their health.  Examples: Diabetics who think eating honey is healthier than refined sugar and think that it's OK to eat  chips because they come from the health food store.  Advocates of Tai Chi, who think it can cure almost anything, including MS, and claim it has to do with releasing negative energy from your body.  People who smoke, drink, and abuse drugs but take supplements. One of them really believes that drinking homemade parsley water cleanses the poisons from their body and cinnamon in their smoothie will thin their blood!  Then they suck back a vodka cooler and eat a plate of nachos. Another woman who told me that I have MS because I use hair dye and I should switch to the natural ones. Oh, and lets not forget the organic crowd, who thinks eating organic cookies and  candy  is healthier. I'm not making any of this up 

No I don't do Tai Chi or yoga, don't eat organic food, don't take supplements, don't think natural is better, nor lace my food with turmeric ( "It cleanses your blood you know").  

I do avoid packaged and pre made foods, have cut way back on sugar and carbs, take vitamins, swim four times per week and  try to get a good night's sleep. I don't use any drugs except medical marijuana and only  do that to help me sleep.

Does any of it help my MS? I don't know and anyway that's not why I do  those things. Aside from my MS I don't have any of the most common health ailments such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, so I guess I must be doing something right.   

Well that'd enough for now. Time to get back to trying to activate my new phone. Ha Ha !  

And please, anyone out there who wants to tell me that I'm wrong and I should take up Tai Chi to cure my MS. Get Lost!