Saturday, December 6, 2014

RAMBLES FROM MY CHAIR: Rambling towards Christmas

RAMBLES FROM MY CHAIR: Rambling towards Christmas

Christmas Season 2015

Here's  a pic of the very first Christmas wreath that I have made myself, and all from scratch.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I  was accepted to be a mentor at the local community college, New Brunswick Community College. It's to help people who want to start their own business and need some free advice. I'll be writing a separate post about that program  as soon as I get permission from the college and my mentee.  Anyway, one thing led to another, and I was asked to join a wreath making course.

What fun it was and great to learn how simple the technique is.   I could have kept going for hours.The only thing is, as usual, my MS decided that I was using far too much energy. I came home after the course and crashed out. I was too tired to eat or even get myself a glass of water.  I was lying there for about three hours and got up only because of the bathroom. One of my fears with MS, and I know this might sound silly; I worry that I'm going to pee the bed.  It's never happened, yet, but, I have done it  in public, and even worse than that. It was when I didn't know I had MS and didn't know how deadly being out in the hot sun was for me.

I blamed it on a weak bladder, irritable bowel, my doctor said it was due to ---------( fill in the blank with anything but MS).

I will never get use to having this condition. It frustrates the hell out of me. I can go swimming and swim laps for an hour and feel fine, but try to read a book; forget it, I can barely manage a couple of pages.  I can make a wreath, but I can't do that and socialize at the same time.  I can go to a Christmas party , have a good time, and  then on the way home lose my wallet (An honest person found it)

So that's my life. I can only do one thing everyday.  Well, if that one thing is a  making a nice wreath.I guess that's  not so bad.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Proudly Canadian?

Here is one of the few things left that is made in Canada and owned  and operated by Canadians.

Medical Marijuana!!  

This is how I get my weed  now; from a licensed producer, purchased online, and  delivered to my door by express post. Amazing that it comes from the other side of Canada; British Colombia, in less than two days.  They also have custom strains of marijuana for different needs. I use the ones for pain relief, muscle spasms , anxiety, and for sleep.

  MS fatigue  is bad enough and insomnia only makes it worse. My fatigue can actually be dangerous. It comes on so suddenly and then my brain switches off.  I can't  function at all, so the only thing I can do is sit and wait for it to pass. Sit and wait, rest and rest. It's  boring and frustrating and at times gets me so down.

For me, having MS is like living in a medium security prison. I have some freedom, but the warden, MS, really is in charge.  The biggest challenge is that I don't look sick. Everybody thinks I can still function like a regular person, but I can't, so I disappoint others.

I just keep going . Swimming is one of my main activities. I swim and swim, and yes, it is a huge benefit, but how long can I keep going? I just  keep going. What else can I do?

Here are a few of my swim buddies who really help to  keep me going.

It was a great summer at that pool.  The indoor pool doesn't open till the 20th ! I already feel out of shape.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spring in New Brunswick

Here's a little crab that was found on the beach during a field trip to Bouctouche Dunes in New Brunswick.
I do mentoring with grade three kids  at  the local public school where I live and they asked me to join them on this class outing .

It felt good  today to be out breathing the ocean air.  I have to say that the  first year  of my new life has turned out pretty good. My physical health is  much  improved and my MS is under control.  I have lost weight and toned up my body, thanks to the  indoor swimming pool that is right across the street.

 I think back to the wreck I was last year at this time and I'm so glad that I decided to change my life. Retiring and getting out of the big city was the right decision. There are some things I miss about living in a large urban area, yet  don't miss them enough to want to go back.

Things have even improved with  medical marijuana!!

Health Canada has changed the way patients can get approval to use medical marijuana and has licensed producers to sell weed to us. It's now a very simple  application process  and the new licensed producers sell excellent quality weed. Still though, I think marijuana should be legalized  but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.

One thing that is strange and unexpected. I never thought that looking younger than my age would be a problem.  Most people would probably say that they wish they where in that situation, but no, really ; just like MS, it's causing misunderstandings and disappointment.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Junior Senior and Pot Woes

Some crows decided to attack my garbage during a snowstorm. The garbage is now  buried under a huge pile of snow. I dread the melt.

Here I am at the end of 2013. It's been a year of big changes for me.

I retired in April, fixed up my house and sold it in June, then packed up my gear and moved to Miramichi, New Brunswick. I have never been so tired!

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with my life as a " junior senior" . I think you are classed as a junior from age 55- 70. After that, you're just old.. It's a strange feeling for me to have time on my hands. To know that I can get up whenever I want, do things that I like instead of endless obligations,  and stay up late if I feel like it.

There's no schedule to speak of, except swimming at 8:00 p.m. and volunteering at 2:30 on Thursdays.

I have been dabbling; trying out different things: photography, painting, volunteering at the Boys and Girls  Club and a web design course.  So far my one success  is bringing grocery delivery to this city. I guess I whined about it so much that somebody decided to do something.  I say a big Thank You  to the people at the Beaubear Co-op for making my life so much easier.

What I need to do now  is to try and focus on a couple of things instead of simply  filling my days with activities.  There are so many people here who tell me they are lonely and bored. I don't want to become like them.

Ah, but what will I do?  I find the web design course interesting but I doubt I would want to do that as a job.  Typing code is  very boring and fiddly. You have to get it exactly right, otherwise,  there's a blank page staring at you.

I wonder what I will be doing next year at this time?

Besides all of that; the Federal government has  revised the regulations concerning Medical Marijuana.
Health Canada is getting out of the pot growing business . Medical marijuana will now be sold by licensed dealers. No more compassionate clubs, edible weed products will be illegal, as well as store front operations  that sell drug paraphernalia. Individuals will no longer be permitted to grow their own and any  weed they have already grown must be destroyed.

I have the added hassle of my new doctor, refusing to sign the papers to renew my license to possess and buy medical weed.  Why? The doctor just doesn't like medical marijuana. What nerve! I have to travel to another city 3 hours away  to see another doctor who will.

Yes, 2014 is going to be interesting!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tech Fails

Here is the Shediac lobster.  In New Brunswick  you can get  lobster really cheap, but milk is nearly double the price I paid in  Ontario.  The rent is  reasonable, but heating oil is very expensive and the only type of heating.  Still, I think I'm way ahead financially and most definitely emotionally.
Haven't updated the old blog in awhile and today just seemed  the right time  to do it. Everything else is a huge fail with  plenty of tech woes!
One of those days when things go wrong and nothing seems to work. I won't bore anyone with details of my customer service  complaints, since that seems to be  universal. Does anyone have positive experiences with that?

Why did I tell people I have MS? I thought they should know, just in case something happens to me. Big mistake! Now I have all these well meaning folks offering remedies and cures. I try to be polite and thank them,  but what I really want to do, is tell them to get lost. 

I'm amazed at the health, nutritional, and lifestyle myths that people believe. Beliefs that may even be endangering their health.  Examples: Diabetics who think eating honey is healthier than refined sugar and think that it's OK to eat  chips because they come from the health food store.  Advocates of Tai Chi, who think it can cure almost anything, including MS, and claim it has to do with releasing negative energy from your body.  People who smoke, drink, and abuse drugs but take supplements. One of them really believes that drinking homemade parsley water cleanses the poisons from their body and cinnamon in their smoothie will thin their blood!  Then they suck back a vodka cooler and eat a plate of nachos. Another woman who told me that I have MS because I use hair dye and I should switch to the natural ones. Oh, and lets not forget the organic crowd, who thinks eating organic cookies and  candy  is healthier. I'm not making any of this up 

No I don't do Tai Chi or yoga, don't eat organic food, don't take supplements, don't think natural is better, nor lace my food with turmeric ( "It cleanses your blood you know").  

I do avoid packaged and pre made foods, have cut way back on sugar and carbs, take vitamins, swim four times per week and  try to get a good night's sleep. I don't use any drugs except medical marijuana and only  do that to help me sleep.

Does any of it help my MS? I don't know and anyway that's not why I do  those things. Aside from my MS I don't have any of the most common health ailments such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, so I guess I must be doing something right.   

Well that'd enough for now. Time to get back to trying to activate my new phone. Ha Ha !  

And please, anyone out there who wants to tell me that I'm wrong and I should take up Tai Chi to cure my MS. Get Lost!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Atlantic Airshow

Here's one of the members of the Sky Hawks team, performing at the Atlantic Airshow, which was right in my backyard.

The retirement community I live in was formerly Chatham Air Force Base. The runway still operates as part of the Miramichi airport and that's where they held the Airshow this year. Kind of cool to be able to just cross the road and go see  it.

And here I am getting   autographs from a few more Sky Hawks.

Ah to be twenty again! Not really, because then I wouldn't be able to live in what I think is one of the best retirement places ever! I'm quitting now because Blogger is being a pain. I wish they would stop trying to improve it