Friday, December 20, 2013

Junior Senior and Pot Woes

Some crows decided to attack my garbage during a snowstorm. The garbage is now  buried under a huge pile of snow. I dread the melt.

Here I am at the end of 2013. It's been a year of big changes for me.

I retired in April, fixed up my house and sold it in June, then packed up my gear and moved to Miramichi, New Brunswick. I have never been so tired!

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with my life as a " junior senior" . I think you are classed as a junior from age 55- 70. After that, you're just old.. It's a strange feeling for me to have time on my hands. To know that I can get up whenever I want, do things that I like instead of endless obligations,  and stay up late if I feel like it.

There's no schedule to speak of, except swimming at 8:00 p.m. and volunteering at 2:30 on Thursdays.

I have been dabbling; trying out different things: photography, painting, volunteering at the Boys and Girls  Club and a web design course.  So far my one success  is bringing grocery delivery to this city. I guess I whined about it so much that somebody decided to do something.  I say a big Thank You  to the people at the Beaubear Co-op for making my life so much easier.

What I need to do now  is to try and focus on a couple of things instead of simply  filling my days with activities.  There are so many people here who tell me they are lonely and bored. I don't want to become like them.

Ah, but what will I do?  I find the web design course interesting but I doubt I would want to do that as a job.  Typing code is  very boring and fiddly. You have to get it exactly right, otherwise,  there's a blank page staring at you.

I wonder what I will be doing next year at this time?

Besides all of that; the Federal government has  revised the regulations concerning Medical Marijuana.
Health Canada is getting out of the pot growing business . Medical marijuana will now be sold by licensed dealers. No more compassionate clubs, edible weed products will be illegal, as well as store front operations  that sell drug paraphernalia. Individuals will no longer be permitted to grow their own and any  weed they have already grown must be destroyed.

I have the added hassle of my new doctor, refusing to sign the papers to renew my license to possess and buy medical weed.  Why? The doctor just doesn't like medical marijuana. What nerve! I have to travel to another city 3 hours away  to see another doctor who will.

Yes, 2014 is going to be interesting!