Monday, February 21, 2011

G: Good Intentions, Government, Groceries

G:  Good Intentions, Government, Groceries

Good Intentions. Like everyday saying "Oh yeah I should update my blog" Then the day goes by and suddenly I'm too tired, so I say "Oh guess I'll do that tomorrow" and tomorrow and tomorrow. Yes, good intentions and MS.  That's a road not only leading to Hell, but a bumpy one, filled with all kinds of things to stumble over. I must learn not to make commitments if I'm uncertain I can keep them. 

Government. The problem with any comments about government, is that  they end up becoming political. I make the occasional comment about politics here, but try to avoid it. Too much hassle and seems so pointless.  All I can say is, I don't understand how people can have such a rigid ideology.That they identify with the "right" or "left" and there doesn't seem to be any inbetween. I have been described as a small l Liberal. I took a test that said I was a left leaning libertarian! Is that even possible?

 I describe myself  as a social  liberal  and a fiscal conservative. For example: I think all drugs should be made legal. Well I guess they are already, but we are such hypocrites about it.  I also think there is too much waste in government and over spending. I get really tired of people always with their hand out, including rich folks, who should know better. I'm not going to go into details beause that would be pages and pages. It's simply to show that my ideals are all over the place.

Over the Christmas holidays I got into a  heated discussion with a friend about their politics.  I commented to them "You're a Conservative, that's cool, but seriously, you swallow whole every single thing  that "right wingers" believe? "I mean , you really  think it's possible  that humans and dinosaurs co exsisted ?" "AND, you are an educated person with a Phd and an agnostic? "

That doesn't mean I let the "left wingers" off the hook (gee I hate the terms left and right wingers) I commented to another friend that  it is immossible to think that we can all love one another. Everybody has prejudices and biases. The only way to avoid those being imposed on others is through legislation. You can pass a law to prevent a bigot from discriminating, but you sure can't stop them from having their beliefs.

I can recall a time when the line between right and left was a blurry one. Not, anymore and I think that is why we are in such a mess. 

Groceries . Is it just me or have  grocery prices  gone totally crazy? How can they possibly say that inflation is low? It seems that every time I do a grocery order, it costs me more for the same thing.  Ok, it's true, I'm fussy about what I eat. I make almost everything from scratch because I hate the taste of packaged foods.
I really don't know how much I can cut back and anyway, it seems pointless, because EVERYTHING is expensive.  And what's up with all these individual serving sizes of food? Last time I  did my grocery order they had on special, a plastic container filled with one serving of soup . You heat it up and eat it right out of the package. It cost $2.89!!  Not only a rip off, but Bleck!! How can you eat hot soup from a plastic container? That can't be good for you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

F: Food

Ok this is sort of cheating because I'm going to talk about my diet, which is sort of food related.

 First, here's an  interesting article  about obesity. There's no escaping the fact that a low fat diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and complex carbs, is best and that modern life makes us fat.

Then there's my modified  protien diet. Modified, in that along with my protien, I can have 100 grams of carbs everyday. That's enough to be able to have some fruits and vegetables, a bit of rice or other starch, and the occasional treat.  No limit on fat either, which maybe is bad, but I like the idea that I can eat bacon and fried eggs cooked in butter in the morning with no guilt. AND, that breakfast lasts me all day until dinner time.  I munch on an apple or orange during the day. Keeping in mind that I do eat dinner very early.  Unlike other diets I have tried,  I don't get cravings and don't think about food all the tim.e In fact I can go an entire evening and not get the munchies; not even after having my THC vapour!!

The results? I can't say exactly how much weight I have lost, since I never weigh myself. My ex  husband use to joke that it was against my religion to own a weigh scale. I always found that weighing myself just got me discouraged and I would give up on dieting. As an alternative, I have certain clothes that are my guide to how much slimming down I have done and still  need to do.   The ultimate test, is a pair of jean shorts that are over 30 years old. If I can get into them I know I'm really slim. Haven't had  the nerve to try those yet.

    Now, I'm not dieting because I want to look like a model.It's mainly for health reasons. Last summer while I was at an outdoor fair, I received a measuring tape from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  What a shock to measure my waist and find out I was in the danger zone !! The more weight you carry around your waist, the greater your risk for heart disease and stroke. There is also a risk for type 2 diabetes, which leads to so many health problems, including Alzheimer's!! Having MS is enough of a burden without adding any of that scary stuff.

Yeah I know I will most likely gain it all back and more; and all that bacon must be wrapping itself around my heart, but at least for now I feel pretty good. It is the easiest, least stressful diet I have ever tried.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

E: Energy

 E: Energy

Before I comment on that I first want to thank everyone for the great comments on my last post. Now I have some good ideas to design an MS bracelet or some other type of jewellery.  A friend of mine, who is very talented, will be making the items. Hope to have something soon and will post pictures of course!

Energy. I never have enough and run out  of it so quickly. I know I'm repeating myself when I say how frustrated I am, at not being able to do all the things I want and need to do.  The days of multi tasking are long over. Heck! I can barely single task! AND there isn't a single drug out there that helps; at least not for me.

So everyday I do the balancing act and every day, fall off the wire.

I can't explain this fatigue You have to experience it to understand. It isn't a sleepy feeling. It's a feeling of  physical weakness, of brain drain, and well, being  what I call a "space cadet". I never know when it's going to hit, although I know if I do to much  it will. Too much isn't a whole lot anymore. The worst part is having to put up a front when "busy bodies" are around. I can't handle their unhelpful comments ( I'm tired too, Why don't you take X drug?  I know a person with MS and they run marathons,You need more sleep, Get over yourself, Quit feeling sorry for yourself and go do something etc. etc.)

Oh! how I hate the feeling of total uselessness. Sitting on the couch, even trying to use the t.v. remote is a chore. Thank goodness for the old movie channel. It gets me through many a weary bout of fatigue.