Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad Sucking News

I am so bummed out over this news report  This sucks, sucks, sucks. Here's how they justify it. The so called experts, don't even want to allow clinical trials for CCSVI. So now all we have left is a measly $2.5 million spread out over all of North America for this research.  They keep insisting, these experts, that we should be cautious, be patient.
Why? Why should we? You would think that  the possibility of a simple treatment, all the MS Societies and all the experts come out with both guns blazing, but No! they take the typical whimpy approach. Hah! try and tell me it isn't political. That the lobbyists and the special interests didn't use their influence to stall this initiative because they might lose some money , might 

We have billions to spend to drop bombs on other people, but no money to save lives in our own country!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Marijuana For Pain Relief

 Another study that indicates marijuana is beneficial for pain relief, as a sleep aid, and in reducing anxiety.

The article mentions that many people can't tolerate smoking marijuana,  are concerned about the effect on their lungs, and second hand smoke . Haven't they ever heard of vapourizers?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lazy Post

Here are a few pictures. I feel too lazy to write anything. It's the hangover effect of being in the office yesterday.
Me at the August Art Crawl, a view from the harbour trail,  and some interesting tree roots .

Monday, August 23, 2010

Heaven/ Hell?

Yesterday I was reading Listverse(over there on the right->) "Top Ten Works of Christian Fiction" There was mention of Dante, which got me thinking about Heaven and Hell, or rather what I think they are. Dante thought perfection was the highest level of Heaven, pure light; and the worst  circle of Hell was to be frozen for eternity.

I think it would be awful to be frozen and I do like the idea of being  like the sun or a star, however my ideas of Heaven and Hell aren't so lofty.

Heaven: I would be in a beautiful floral garden near a waterfall.  I would live in a cave under the falls. How many times I've seen that in movies where there is a secret hiding place behind a waterfall and I always thought it would be so cool to live in a spot like that.Chocolate to eat and Asti Spumante to drink, or rather I would imagine the tastes, as I  would be an ephemeral presence; floating about.

Very few "others" in my Heaven, as I think there is some truth in what Satre said about  Hell being "other people".   We wouldn't be lying around playing harps all day. I think we would  keep busy  try to ease the pain of the living. I could use an angel like that right now!

Sorry folks, there would only be classical music in my Heaven and opera concerts everyday so if you like other kinds of music guess you'll have to make your own heaven. And what would that be? I'd like to know what you think Heaven, is even if you only say you don't think there is a Heaven. 

Hell:  Stuck in my grey office cubicle having to listen to the guy who always talks about golf!! For eternity! or for that matter having to play golf ! Evenings spent  on Facebook or OMG! Twitter!. Always sweating and feeling like my clothes are stuck to me like the way I felt this summer.  Having to eat hotdogs  and drink coffee. Loud horrible "baby boomer" music blaring on huge speakers with awful DJ's and stupid endless commercials.  Huge t.v. screens with terrible prime time shows or talk shows and endless commercials Everybody would be skinny and wear those awful low rise jeans with crop tops and have perfect white teeth. And it would always be hot, humid, and  sunny.

So what is your idea of Hell ?

You might find these comments trivial, but no harm in imagining.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Surgery In My Own Country

Here is another reason I won't go overseas to have surgery.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More CCSVI News (not all good)

Here more news about clinical trials for CCSVI

I need to do a little more research about the two recent studies that found no link between MS and blocked veins. It's disappointing and hard to believe, what with all the anecdotal evidence  out there from those who have had the surgery and feel much better.
It's SO HOT today!! I think the hottest day yet. My brains are scrambled

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cannabis For Migraines

Here's an intersting article about an average woman who decides to try cannabis to treat her migraines. A person like me, who wasn't very keen on the idea, but tried it out of desperation.

Very similar to the result I get when I use it for my MS. The only thing that bugs me is at the end of the article  they list the negatives of smoking dope. The most annoying one being that habitual use may cause a pyschological dependence. Is that any different than taking  prescribed pain killers for years? or cholesterol drugs that once you start you are on them  for life?  Of course a person will develop a dependence on something that works for them!!

My MS isn't going away and I'm stuck with symptoms that interfere with my sleep. One of my doctors thought it was perfectly fine to prescribe: pain killers, sleeping pills, anti depressants, anti fatigue drugs(that cause insomnia) and anti spasmodics AND I was suppose to take all this stuff everyday "for as long as I needed it".  I'm already a space cadet and this guy wanted to boil my brains even more. Every time I went to see him he got the prescription pad out

Well that doctor is long gone and  all that stuff ended up in the toilet. Now I am happy to smoke my dope.  If I become an addict, that's OK with me. Just hope they let me use it when I'm in the old folks home.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking Fail!!

On Monday, which was a civic holiday, Simcoe Day, I went for one of my usual nature walks.
Oh how awful it was!!

It started out fine; the day was overcast, with  intermittent rain, which was very pleasant to walk in.

When we got down to the harbour I started to feel overheated. I sat on a bench to cool down but nothing worked. Not my cooler packs, cold water, nothing! It took all of my wits to stay calm. I stood up and fortunately, a cool breeze from the lake helped. I stood there with my eyes closed and concentrated on that coolness. I also thought about what I would do when I got home.

This is a technique I have used all of my life when I'm in a bad situation. I concentrate on something pleasant that I will do later in the day, or next day, or even next month. Anything to get me through an ordeal and it works.

So there I was thinking about how my son had promised to make a barbecue that evening. I imagined going home, having a nice cool shower, enjoying a good meal and even treating myself to some ice cream.   Great !

OK so we continue walking. I  slowly climb the stairs  from the trail back up to the street. I stand and look out at the harbour, once again enjoying the breeze. Then I started getting these awful pains in my feet. So sudden and so painful. I thought "What the heck is this?" Well , I was thinking in much stronger language, but have to keep the blog somewhat respectable.

I  kept walking even though my feet hurt so bad, like I had these huge blisters, only I didn't. All I could do was keep walking and say in my head " I MUST GET HOME".

  Now I'm sure you're thinking "Why didn't she call a cab or a friend" and I suppose that would have been a smart thing to do.  At the time, all I could think was that the pains would go away and I would be fine. I also hate looking like an invalid around others, especially because my so called friends and family always razz me about my MS. My son, the only person who doesn't. He did make his usual jokes about me "putting" and "Where's the golf cart?" ( inside jokes, Sorry).  That made me feel better but also cautious, because I know it means he's worried. Humour is how he copes. At that point I said that I would have an extra large dose of THC that evening!! The perfect thought to get me going again!

Finally made it home. Had my cool shower, my barbecue dinner, some ice cream, and Yes, a really huge portion of dope before I went to bed.

The next day my feet were fine. No pains.  I 'm staying indoors for now. I don't think I can handle another episode like that for awhile

Is MS  crazy  or what?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Be Careful What You Post

Another reason why I'm careful with the photos I post. 

Think twice before you send and post photos, especially of children.

It's Simcoe Day, a civic holiday I'm having a great time doing nothing. My son cooked breakfast and says he will cook dinner. I could get use to that.