Monday, August 23, 2010

Heaven/ Hell?

Yesterday I was reading Listverse(over there on the right->) "Top Ten Works of Christian Fiction" There was mention of Dante, which got me thinking about Heaven and Hell, or rather what I think they are. Dante thought perfection was the highest level of Heaven, pure light; and the worst  circle of Hell was to be frozen for eternity.

I think it would be awful to be frozen and I do like the idea of being  like the sun or a star, however my ideas of Heaven and Hell aren't so lofty.

Heaven: I would be in a beautiful floral garden near a waterfall.  I would live in a cave under the falls. How many times I've seen that in movies where there is a secret hiding place behind a waterfall and I always thought it would be so cool to live in a spot like that.Chocolate to eat and Asti Spumante to drink, or rather I would imagine the tastes, as I  would be an ephemeral presence; floating about.

Very few "others" in my Heaven, as I think there is some truth in what Satre said about  Hell being "other people".   We wouldn't be lying around playing harps all day. I think we would  keep busy  try to ease the pain of the living. I could use an angel like that right now!

Sorry folks, there would only be classical music in my Heaven and opera concerts everyday so if you like other kinds of music guess you'll have to make your own heaven. And what would that be? I'd like to know what you think Heaven, is even if you only say you don't think there is a Heaven. 

Hell:  Stuck in my grey office cubicle having to listen to the guy who always talks about golf!! For eternity! or for that matter having to play golf ! Evenings spent  on Facebook or OMG! Twitter!. Always sweating and feeling like my clothes are stuck to me like the way I felt this summer.  Having to eat hotdogs  and drink coffee. Loud horrible "baby boomer" music blaring on huge speakers with awful DJ's and stupid endless commercials.  Huge t.v. screens with terrible prime time shows or talk shows and endless commercials Everybody would be skinny and wear those awful low rise jeans with crop tops and have perfect white teeth. And it would always be hot, humid, and  sunny.

So what is your idea of Hell ?

You might find these comments trivial, but no harm in imagining.


Karen said...

Hi Carole,
Heaven; A small secluded lake in the middle of the forest with no biting or stinging bugs. It would always be autumn and sunny. Dark chocolate, real champagne, peaches, strawberries and homemade pizza, which I could eat and drink to my hearts content, there is no fat in heaven. I would of course have harp music, because I play the harp. People, a selected few, my dog for sure.

Hell; MS, smog, heat & humidity, televison, spiders, rap music, hot dogs, lunch meat and soda, planes, trains and automobiles. Perfumes & air fresheners.

I could go on...but I am going for a nap and dream about my heaven.


Have Myelin? said...

Well as a mother who lost her 34 year old daughter last summer I have given this a lot of thought. Maybe this isn't what you're quite going after but!

I change my mind all the time what I think because most of my family is gone.

I decided my idea of heaven would be one that mankind had not even envisioned having... And that somehow, I'd be reunited with my daughter and other loved ones without all the annoying "human qualities" we feel.

Hell is what I'm in right now I think but that's because I lost a child.

Before that I would have said hell was working in a skyscraper overlooking Manhattan with owls flying around. I have a morbid fear of both so that is MY idea of hell. LOL!

Muffie said...

I agree, Carol, that we each have our own idea of heaven and hell. The heaven part would be all that makes us happy; hell all that makes us unhappy. I wouldn't be in any cave though -- more like a luxury suite! Some classical music, but a mix of others I like. All the foods I like. MS!!

bette said...

Having to work in office with my boss who I am sexually attracted to. Hard to concentrate. And MS is Hell.

bette said...

Your heaven sounds nice. I would like some country music though. At least you seem sure you are not going to hell. I hope to see Jesus in Heaven. I think Hell is for murderers and the like. If they confess to the law, maybe they can go to Heaven.

Taxingwoman said...

Thank You for all the interesting comments I really enjoyed reading them

Diane J Standiford said...

I have NO ideas about H or H. If the question is where do I think I go when I die--no idea there either, but I do not think what has lived ever dies. At least not in any way we can imagine.