Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cannabis For Migraines

Here's an intersting article about an average woman who decides to try cannabis to treat her migraines. A person like me, who wasn't very keen on the idea, but tried it out of desperation.

Very similar to the result I get when I use it for my MS. The only thing that bugs me is at the end of the article  they list the negatives of smoking dope. The most annoying one being that habitual use may cause a pyschological dependence. Is that any different than taking  prescribed pain killers for years? or cholesterol drugs that once you start you are on them  for life?  Of course a person will develop a dependence on something that works for them!!

My MS isn't going away and I'm stuck with symptoms that interfere with my sleep. One of my doctors thought it was perfectly fine to prescribe: pain killers, sleeping pills, anti depressants, anti fatigue drugs(that cause insomnia) and anti spasmodics AND I was suppose to take all this stuff everyday "for as long as I needed it".  I'm already a space cadet and this guy wanted to boil my brains even more. Every time I went to see him he got the prescription pad out

Well that doctor is long gone and  all that stuff ended up in the toilet. Now I am happy to smoke my dope.  If I become an addict, that's OK with me. Just hope they let me use it when I'm in the old folks home.


Karen said...

Hi Carole,

I so agree with this. Doctors will prescribe a plethora of drugs, including narcotics, that can cause more problems. Most people don't think twice about taking them, but mention MJ and all of a sudden you are a dope smoking addicted fiend!

I personally do not smoke it, but I think it is a better alternative than chemicals.

Are you aware that here in Canada we can get SATIVEX (cannabis spray)by prescription?


Anonymous said...


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Karen

Yes I know about Sativex but my friend who used it says cannibis is better.

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
I agree I would rather use weed than all the opiates that I would be on if I did not.
Have a good day.
PS Cannabis xis xxbetter than the derivative.

SarahJane said...

Please don't throw your meds out in the toilet. They end up in our water supply and our water treatment plants are not designed to remove them so you could be ingesting them anyway. (In small quantities, at least.)

Dump them in a sharps container. Some municipalities and/or stores have a location where you can drop them off (kinda like a battery center).

bette said...

Tried weed and it gave me blackouts. Couldn't remember much about where that lost time went. Ever happen to you?

Taxingwoman said...

bette: This has never happened to me I have no side effects what so ever from cannabis