Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pre Op

This morning was my visit to the pre operative assessment clinic for my surgery November 1. Many tests done  and a  meeting with anesthetist and surgical nurse. Once again we went over the best case and worst case scenarios. Hoping for the best, because the worst case doesn't sound at all like fun. Not happy that there's the possibility that the surgery could exacerbate my MS symptoms (their words, not mine)

Doesn't matter if you go to the shiny new wing of the hospital with the pretty bright green decor, meet  the cheerful, smiling staff, dressed in colourful uniforms. It's always the same. Before you enter the hospital don't forget to check your dignity at the door.  They treat you like a 5 year old ( speaking slowly and loudly) or like a slab of meat.  OK I know we were all girls in the room; but did you really need to leave me lying there with the hospital gown wide open in front while you  ladies had a chat ?

Here are a  few photos from from late September early October. I went to the  Nuit  Blanche art festival  in Toronto, which I have to say was a little  disappointing  this year. One good thing though is I decided to  check out Sugar Beach, which is at the foot of Jarvis Street near the Redpath sugar factory.  Wow! That area sure has changed from when I lived there 15 years ago. The beach is lovely and the sand; whatever kind it is, does look and feel like sugar. If you work in downtown Toronto I recommend you go  there and see for yourself.