Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking Fail!!

On Monday, which was a civic holiday, Simcoe Day, I went for one of my usual nature walks.
Oh how awful it was!!

It started out fine; the day was overcast, with  intermittent rain, which was very pleasant to walk in.

When we got down to the harbour I started to feel overheated. I sat on a bench to cool down but nothing worked. Not my cooler packs, cold water, nothing! It took all of my wits to stay calm. I stood up and fortunately, a cool breeze from the lake helped. I stood there with my eyes closed and concentrated on that coolness. I also thought about what I would do when I got home.

This is a technique I have used all of my life when I'm in a bad situation. I concentrate on something pleasant that I will do later in the day, or next day, or even next month. Anything to get me through an ordeal and it works.

So there I was thinking about how my son had promised to make a barbecue that evening. I imagined going home, having a nice cool shower, enjoying a good meal and even treating myself to some ice cream.   Great !

OK so we continue walking. I  slowly climb the stairs  from the trail back up to the street. I stand and look out at the harbour, once again enjoying the breeze. Then I started getting these awful pains in my feet. So sudden and so painful. I thought "What the heck is this?" Well , I was thinking in much stronger language, but have to keep the blog somewhat respectable.

I  kept walking even though my feet hurt so bad, like I had these huge blisters, only I didn't. All I could do was keep walking and say in my head " I MUST GET HOME".

  Now I'm sure you're thinking "Why didn't she call a cab or a friend" and I suppose that would have been a smart thing to do.  At the time, all I could think was that the pains would go away and I would be fine. I also hate looking like an invalid around others, especially because my so called friends and family always razz me about my MS. My son, the only person who doesn't. He did make his usual jokes about me "putting" and "Where's the golf cart?" ( inside jokes, Sorry).  That made me feel better but also cautious, because I know it means he's worried. Humour is how he copes. At that point I said that I would have an extra large dose of THC that evening!! The perfect thought to get me going again!

Finally made it home. Had my cool shower, my barbecue dinner, some ice cream, and Yes, a really huge portion of dope before I went to bed.

The next day my feet were fine. No pains.  I 'm staying indoors for now. I don't think I can handle another episode like that for awhile

Is MS  crazy  or what?


建邱勳 said...

Of two evils choose the least.............................................................

Diane J Standiford said...

MS IS crazy AND what. I've been there, just go a little farther...never was a good idea, but you only live once!