Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation 2012

Back home after a nice holiday visiting friends in New Mexico.

Went to the UFO festival in Roswell, to help my friend promote a book of which he is coauthor and editor.

"The Aztec Incident" is another UFO crash that occurred in  Aztec, New Mexico, which is near the Four Corners area of the state.

Had lots of fun at the festival! An interesting mixture of serious UFO researchers and authors, and the foil hat crowd. Those who think the aliens will come to save us and others who think they will have us for breakfast and I don't mean as guests.

The website  has the first chapter which you can read for free. There's also a link to a YouTube video about an Aztec Incident documentary.

It sure was nice of people to be willing to pose for the camera You just ever know who you will meet at these events:


Carole said...

You got some great shots. Hope you are refreshed after your break
Have a great week!

jaikant said...

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