Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paying For It

Went to see Il Divo last night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It was a Mother's Day treat from my son. I loved them! Fantastic !
Thank You son !!

Sorry I have no photos, as my camera had the wrong kind of batteries in it, my cellphone is broken, and my son's phone was low. Oh well, it's all here in my head.

I took today as a vacation day as I knew that I would be a wreck. Ha ! Wreck is mild.
I'm a total zombie disaster with a mega headache. It's beyond belief that I can experience new depths of fatigue. Were is the bottom ?

Speaking of cell phones. My new, free one, was delivered today. The upgraded version of my old phone, but just as stupid and annoying. Who ever writes these instruction books needs to go back to school. They also need to try the phone before they do illustrations, because very few of the buttons correspond to what is shown in the pictures. At least this one really does have an mp3 player in it, were as the old one only pretended to. They even threw in free headphones and all the other accessories . I guess the company knows how awful the phone is and thinks bribes will ease the pain of trying to figure it out. It does slightly.

I have a couple of awards I still have to put on my blog and also award them to others . First I need to pull this axe out of my head .

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