Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring and Falcons

Spring is here and the Falcons have returned to the nest at the Sheraton Hotel

From the Falconwatch website:


March 21, 2010 - As Falconwatch starts each season, one of our tasks is to confirm the identity of the adult Peregrines. While it is relatively easy to distinguish between larger females and smaller males, it is not always as easy to tell individual birds apart. Three times in the history of the Sheraton Hamilton nest site an adult has been replaced by another of the same gender without any fuss to signal to Falconwatchers that a change has occurred. For this reason each year we try to confirm identities by getting a good look at the bands on the legs of the adult falcons. We are pleased to advise that, as of yesterday afternoon, we can confirm the presence once again of Madame X and Surge. Falconwatch 2010 has begun. Stay tuned!"

This past week I had an orange seized by U.S. customs. It's OK for an orange to travel all the way from California to the grocery store in Hamilton, Ontario but it's not OK for the same orange to cross the border from Canada to New York State.
I was allowed to keep my banana from South America!

Why does spell check no longer work on my blog?


Anonymous said...

The governments need to have better priorities in their inspections. The heck with where it comes from - check out what you can't do with An orange! At least in a banana peel, I could TRY to hide something.

hmm, don't know what, but something.

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
Pergrine Falcons hgow wonderful to have them on the hotel.
ps wish we could get a couple on the chimney on the theatre across the road and they could keep the huge pigeon population down which is a nuisance

身上 said...

Habit is a second nature. ........................................

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Anne
Yeah it is strange They said it was to prevent diseases from spreaading even though the orange was from the U.S. so I guess it's OK for Canadians to get disease.
Hi! Herrad Yeah the falcons do thin the pigeon population!!