Friday, March 26, 2010

Day Time T.V. Part 2

OK I have given up daytime soaps. Not just because they are disgusting but also have pathetic plots, worst dialogue ever, and terrible actors.

Another reason I don't watch day time t.v. are the commercials, infomercials, and misinformation passing as news. I just can't handle it. I really should laugh at this stuff, but I can't. There are millions of people out there absorbing all this as truth. I mean, it must work otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it.

One so called news spot I really hate; to the point of wanting to write the t.v. station, is a segement called "Today is the Day", a health and fitness feature.

The exercises they show look dangerous and will wreck your joints. One exercise they were demonstrating was a variation of push ups. The fitness instructor did at least say you needed a spotter to help you. Yeah no kidding! You kneel on the floor and put you hands on fitness balls. You know the ones that are meant for balance excercises. Then you stretch out and balance yourself on these while doing push ups. Pushing up and down on them while trying to stop them from rolling around. A good way to land smack on your face!! Even the very fit demonstrator was struggling to do it.

Why bother? There are lots of ways to keep fit without straining your wrists and demolishing your face.

Then there is the nutrition advice. They have some idiot who wrote a book (they always have a book). This guy gives the most pointless, stupid, nutritional advice.
If you follow his 7 criteria for eating something you will end up having very little variety in your diet. Isn't that one of the reasosn why diets fail? Because people get bored eating skinless chicken and steamed vegetables? Yeah I like dark greens in my salad but iceberg lettuce gives crunch to a sandwich !! So what if it is 95% water. So are we.

I'm going back to watching old movies. Even if I do have to occasionally see the "Sham Wow" guy.

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