Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adventures and Sad Truths

Amazing weather and the entire weekend will be record breaking.
25C expected for tomorrow!

Things I have learned from my adventure that I hate, but think are true:

1. Life is much easier if you are attractive.
2. People don't really want to deal with anyone who is: disabled, disfigured, slow,
elderly, physically or mentally ill.
3. People really would prefer that any of the above would just go away.

So time to tell about my adventure in Syracuse New York. I had cosmetic surgery; a "mini lift". I decided to go to the States to have it done partly for privacy reasons and partly because this doctor was recommended to me.
Nobody knew I was doing this except my son and a couple of folks in my postcard club. So now everybody will know!!

I stayed at a hotel that has many guests who frequent this cosmetic clinic. The staff are use to seeing people with bandages wrapped around there head and they don't seem to care. The first day I looked like the woman in "The Brain That Wouldn't Die". I was so stoned from the drugs they gave me that I spent two days at the hotel totally out of it. Lucky for me they had "Turner Movie Classics" and excellent room service.

The trip home was interesting. People on the train pretending not to stare at the lady with puffy eyes and an elastic bandage wrapped around her head. Parents steering their children away from me. Not that I blame them.

When I was young I never understood the power of beauty. Now I'm older and I realize how many times in my life having good looks made a difference. I'm not saying it's right, just a fact and a sad truth

Yeah I'm vain. No, I'm not looking for lost youth, but it is rough to find myself working with people who look like they are 12 years old. When did that happen?
I also think I've been so bummed out about this MS thing I figure I can use a boost

As Erma Bombeck said " Beauty is only skin deep, but who wants an adorable pancreas?" and Ellen Degeneres " Inner beauty is important, but not nearly as important as outer beauty".

I will post before and after pictures soon. I won't cheat by having a terrible before photo with an angry bland face and an after with a ton of make up and a big smile.


Anonymous said...


Jorge Ortolá said...

Hi, Caroline.

I find you at Postcrossing, when i'm a sign to.

Best regards

My blog is

Rei said...

Looks definitely go a long way in this world, Carole. But you're also right when you say that the world would rather any of us with physical/mental illness, deformity, or anything that isn't "normal" just disappear.

I think I'm attractive and my looks have definitely helped me out in some respects. But on the other hand, I'm mentally ill and I have deformed legs, so I'm also one of the people that others would like to do away with...

Anyway, I'm glad your surgery went all right and I hope everything heals well and you look great when all is said and done! <3 *Hugs*


Zaedah said...

Okay, so I actually got pulled over because the cop thought I was a thirteen year old on a joyride... hope you can find forgiveness for my appearance of youth : )

MS may be a rollercoaster, but I'm waving my hands in the air with abandon!

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Jorge Will visit your blog soon and post a link

Rei you are very pretty

Paul said...

Hi Carole. I haven't left you a comment in some time. I agree there are some people who don't want to bother with someone who is not perfect. But, guess what? Those people (a) Aren't perfect either and unfortunately for them, they don't know it; (b) Will someday realize they aren't perfect and may or may not be able to deal with it; and (c)Are missing out on a lot of significant acquaintances by turning their backs.

So, I will leave you with this question...what should us REALLY beautiful people do about these truly ugly people?

Taxingwoman said...

I was don't think we should do anything. I think people should stop being so selfish wanting a perfect world were they don't have to deal with anybody who is different.
The days of shoving people in the closet are over.