Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wintery Weekend

Return to winter this weekend, once again . Friday I was in t shirt and sandals; today in my wintercoat.

Total fluke that I went to a garden show yesterday. I was in a rotten mood and decided to push myself out the door for a walk. It took a good two hours of mind games before I did it ( "Go for a walk", "I don't want to",
"You must". "No", "Go anyway", "OK I will") I headed in the direction of Dundurn Castle, figuring I could at least go in the gift shop and browse the postcards as an excuse to warm up.  Then I heard the cashier chatting with a customer about the garden club and the show " down the hall, to the left, and  more upstairs as well".

How could I resist? It was a small exhibit, but a wonderful show. I have photos of it I would like to share, only I don't seem to be able to download them from my phone camera. Damn technology!! They really do need to have standards like they have with plumbing fixtures and electrical components. Why are there so many different size/shape of USB connectors? And I always thought the selling point of USB was that you could "plug and play"   Yeah, Ha Ha!! Play, meaning waste precious time  fiddling with things that work one day but not the next.   And don't give me that"you're an old lady" routine. As a consumer I should be able to use all the gadgets I have, without the need of a degree in computer science.

I have installed sinks, ceiling fans, electrical fixtures, laminate floors. Have assembled  barbeques, desks, bicycles, and all the other assorted crap than comes in box with a little hex wrench and instructions that were written in some foreign language, translated in to another foreign language, and then into English.  Configured more than my fair share of computers  ("Mom" " Auntie" the computer won't work!!").    So I know my way around the do it yourself world.
Technology Nerds, listen up! Come out of your parents basements and live in the real world with us regular folks!!

Enough of that rant and back to the garden show. All I can say is I admire people who have the patience to grow one perfect plant and then share it with us. Thank You for feeding my soul.

Pictures to follow. Stupid phone

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Diane J Standiford said...

I agree about people who grow a flower to share. I don't have a green thumb, can't configure a computer, can't open a new CD, and my old Ipod is a mystery gadget on the counter. I also am not "handy," though I admire those who are. I do keep trying on all counts though, but by the time I figure some THING out nowadays a new THING has replaced it. Oh well, the journey. Sounds like you had a nice time.