Monday, April 12, 2010

Liberation War ?

Saw an interesting news report on W5 about CSSVI and the "Liberation War". How MS patients are travelling all over the world to find doctors who will perform Dr. Zamboni's vein surgery. Here is the webcast along with other MS news.

I was crying while watching that report  yesterday. I can't stand doctors who talk down to people with MS.
CSSVI surgery is a placebo, it's quakery, (that comment really pissed me off!) we should proceed with caution, people have too high of expectations, blah, blah blah.

They don't proceed with caution when it's time to push a new drug that has been rushed to market and most of those only work because of placebo effect.  Why should MS patients  wait for a procedure that is very simple and low cost, that might, just might, slow down the progression of their illness?

Quakery?? This is a procedure than has been proven to work by a doctor,  who beleive it or not,  is not motivated by greed, is not opening "Zamboni liberation clinics" and is very open about encouraging  doctors to do research in their own countries to substantiate his claims. The guy is not selling copper bracelets claiming they can cure you.

In the end if it proves to not be very effective or doesn nothing so what? It's not like people are spending vast amounts of money and they can still keep taking all those wonderful injections that work so great (yeah right!)

What was most frustrating to find out is that other doctors came to simlar conclusions as Dr. Zamboni, but couldn't get funding for further research or their claims were out right rejected by the "MS is an auto immune disease" camp. I know the cheapo MS society in my area is only giving $100,000 for CSSVI research.

News flash to all you drug pushers, MS societies, kindergarten doctors, and all the rest of you nay sayers!!
This patient has lost her patience!

I want this treatment.  I want funding for more research and I'm going to get it!!!!

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