Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drug Reform in Ontario

Here is one of the better articles concerning drug reform in Ontario.

  Ontario's Liberal government wants to cut reimbursement to pharmacists for generic drugs.  The pharamacists are fighting back with full page ads in the news, threatning to cut service, and close drug stores.

I see these as idle threats. There is simply too much money to be made, even if pharmacists get less money for generic drugs.

The pharamcists keep talking about all the services they provide. Give me a break. They throw some pills in  a bottle and give you a computer print out of  the  drug facts. It kills me when they ask you questions about your prescription. Do they really think that people want the entire population of the  drug store, which is more like a mini  department store, to know what drugs they take and why  ? Thanks but my doctor already told me all that stuff and you would just fib like he does about how wonderful the drugs are.

Drugs are the costliest part of healthcare spending. Not only do we need to control costs, we need doctors to put away the prescription pad and for pharmacists to stop acting like they are doing us a big favour selling us this crap.  



Herrad said...


Please could you go and visit The Wheel of Fortuna and leave a supportive message for Steve.

His partner BobRobert is in the local hospice and is not expected to live much longer.

It is not so long since his diagnosis which makes it all even more sad.

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adobe said...

In our drug stores, the pharmacy techs seem to do the bulk of the work. But then the store can afford 5 of them to one pharmacist so I guess why not?

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Taxingwoman said...

OK Herrad will do! :)

adobe we have them here too and they do most of the work.