Monday, April 5, 2010

Relative Razz

Ahhhh! I thought there was no waste  pick up today because of Easter weekend.  This morning, the garbage trucks woke me up. Looks like I'm stuck with a huge bag of smelly stuff, an overflowing green bin, and tons of recycling. I'm sure the Raccoons are rubbing their little paws together at the thought of it. 

Easter Sunday started off  nicely. Another day of  sunshine and mild temperatures . I managed to make a serious dent in the garden clean up. Still lots to do, but considering it's only the beginning of April I'm way ahead.

Then in the early evening I had the attack of the relatives. Somehow we got started talking about MS and it went downhill from there. Funny, when I was diagnosed they never even knew what MS was  (just like me) and now they seem to know all sorts of people with it.  Those people are fighting their MS, those people take injections, those people listen to their doctors,  those people are just so darn good. Translation? I am not a good MS person because I don't do any of those things.

They don't come right out and say it. They imply it, by always finding these shining paragons of MS. Yet when I challenge them, it is very clear they know very little about these goody goodies .(Yeah, like maybe those injections don't work?)

Listen up!! Yes, I think that the theory of CSSVI as put forward by Dr. Zamboni is correct. No, I'm not going to take injections EVER!! I'm also not going to take all the other prescription slop the doctors offer AND I'm not going to waste my time with any more tests, doctors appointments, and alternate therapies. The chiropractor and the naturopath  can't do squat for my MS.

How do I deal with my MS? I get up every day,  take my vitamins and  get on with my life. If I have a headache I take some Advil. I use THC vapour to help me relax and sleep. I walk and swim for exercise when I can and if I can't, I don't.  If I don't feel good I take a sick day.  See? Life is so simple.

Do I ask you for anything? Do you ever hear me whine or even bring up the subject of MS, except for the time I told you I had it ? When I fall apart, which I will evetually do, I will figure it out.

So get off my back. I refuse to be the good little MS girl for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carole:

RE: relatives vs comments about MS. After many comments to me about how MS is a killer disease (a death sentence, etc) , I decided to "educate" a couple of my friends about the extremes of MS.

I gave my two friends a packet of before and after pictures of famous and not famous people with Multiple Sclerosis that I got off the web. I think it was a very powerful way to get the message to them that everyone's MS is different. And it worked.

I made sure I chose "after" photos that showed MS from the mildest to the extreme.

My two friends were constantly telling me how they know this one and that one who treat with various treatments/therapies and they are doing soooooo well. And others who are not able to work anymore.

When I suddenly got worse because I took a hissy fit and decided to stop the daily oral prednisone more than 15 years ago, they couldn't understand it when I was down for the count and in a wheelchair.

When I got back on daily oral prednisone and the changes were just short of miraculous, again they scratched their heads. "I don't understand this disease," one said. That made 400,000 of us.

You can never please people all of the time, so I don't even try. But I love to use things that have "shock" value. Maybe your relatives need a little buzz of shock. LOL

I am glad to read you are out and about so often - the best therapy for body and mind!

Take care,