Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tired, Sweaty, and Stinky

So tired, I couldn't even remember that I had a shower first thing when I came home from work and No I haven't had any THC  since  last week.  My weed supply has run out.

I have been having the worst hot flashes.  I  wouldn't  mind them so much if they didn't make me sweat profusely and stink  bad.  I have to have a shower in the morning and another in the evening, everyday. Imagine  an overweight guy, on a chain gang, busting rock in the hot sun. That is what I smell like !!   I smell like a  man ; very weird. I keep a supply of cold packs handy and they really help keep these nuclear meltdowns at bay.

My last post had Niagara pictures. I took a vacation day Tuesday and decided to hop on the casino bus. This one took me to a different casino than last time. I paid $10.00 round trip and they even threw in  a free buffet lunch, which was surprisingly good.   I wonder how many times I can do this before they figure out that I don't gamble? Somebody suggested I throw a few bucks in a slot machine next time, so I might do that.  I know I won't get hooked because I find gambling very boring. Even today, I passed on all the lottery pools at work for Friday's  $41 million jackpot. I just don't care.

Oh! all the seniors that make regular trips to the casinos. One women telling me she goes to Niagara a couple of times per week and then hangs out at the Flamboro slots on the weekends.  They spend a ton of money. They must do, for the casinos to provide these bus trips and free lunches. Seriously, I'd like to stand at the door and collect money from them for some worthwhile cause. I would say since they don't really need the money, they can spare a few bucks.

The sad part to me is they don't even go outside to check out the falls. Here we live near one of nature's wonders and the gamblers don't care. I know that casinos have done nothing to restore the local economy as was hoped they would.  The money stays in the casinos.  There's no turning back either. Governments are hooked on gambling money, although I'd love to know what they  do with it.

Anyway, I had a lovely day and got my weed seeds that didn't sprout,  replaced for free.

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Diane J Standiford said...

My weed brownies didn't do anything for me. Must try the humi. My 2 trips to a casino, the old folks were hysterical (and sad) sitting like zombies, pulling the slots, smoking while attached to their oxygen machine!!! I won like $350 once, $160 next and never returned.