Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day Part 2

Cool that a women won an Oscar for best director on the eve of International Women's Day. Not so cool that 4 out 5 women say they have been subjected to violence and that women are losing ground when it comes to money. Women's earnings went up and peaked in the nineties, now they are falling in terms of how much they make compared to men.
And let's face it; women carry most of the burden at home too. Still do most of the chores and most of the worrying. Had a woman last week tell me she needed to pick up the kids at school and then rush to do groceries. Her husband had complained the night before that there was no food in the house!! I told her about grocery delivery and I hope she checks it out.

AND!! Sarah Palin, she who is very good at "do as I say, not as I do"; admitted she crossed the border to take advantage of Canada's health care system. It says so here Please don't tell me anyone thinks she is fit to be president.

Contrary to myth, Americans travel abroad for cheaper medical care far more than Canadians go to America for health services.

Hope all you ladies out there had a great day.

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