Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Variety of Crap

After nearly three solid days of rain the downpour has ended. If it had been snow? Ahhh, don't want to even think of that!

The birds decided to take refuge on my veranda all weekend. I went out this morning to sort out the recycling and Oh! what a mess. Like a giant poop bomb had exploded and covered everything and I mean everything! in muck. It took me two hours to get that cleaned up. Dear little birds I love you, but can you please find another spot to use as a toilet?

Yesterday evening a friend convinced me to go to "Sexapooloza" an adult sex show. What a pathetic joke it was. I can only describe it by saying a kids grade school science fair is more professional. They had this thing called "The Dungeon" with a sign saying no photos allowed, so I thought it was going to be something really heavy. It was a ridiculous joke! People in their street clothes leaning against a wall and supposedly getting whipped; when all they were doing is brushing them lightly with a long piece of black cloth. The staff weren't even dressed up! The vendors were selling the typical junk you find in adult stores. Cheap lingerie, toys, and enough lubricant to moisten the entire world population. Who knew there were so many different versions of that stuff!

They had a stage show with the skinniest, ugliest, most badly dressed, male and female strippers. And the horrible music !! So loud and awful. There were cardboard cut outs that you could put your face in and have your picture taken. I won't even bother to describe them they where that stupid.

There was something childish about the whole affair, like a bunch of male teenagers had gotten together and punked all of us. Why can't we ever seem to get sexuality right? We either brand it as sinful, turn it into a medical process, treat it as porn, or act silly about it.

If this thing comes to your town save yourself $10.00 and stay home.


Dabble and the Mad Sow said...

Hi -
I've heard that about the sexapalooza show - it came to Ottawa a while ago and I didn't go, but had friends who did. They couldn't really figure out what the point was, and the reputable sex shops in town (the ones who know what they are doing) did not attend.
Trading on the tendency to titillate, I think it is just a huge rip-off. It's too bad. It might be nice to have a real show on healthy sexuality....
PS: am working on a book about sexuality and MS...

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Dabble
Thanks for dropping by. I think a book like that would be interesting
I'll bookmark your blog and read through it soon.

Libragirl said...

I just found your blog Carole. I live in Ontario Canada and suffer badly from MS. Got diagnosed less than 3 years ago and now just graduated to a wheelchair.
I have hear of that sexapalooza show, now I am glad I didn't go. Sounds Mickey mouse lol. I didn't go because I felt stupid going to a thing like that in a wheelchair ;-(
I hear the Everything to do with sex shows are better.

Libragirl said...

Hi Carole
I just found your MS blog
I suffer from MS badly. Getting worse daily.
I heard about those sexapalooza shows, never went because I am to embarrassed to be seen hobbling around with a cane or in a wheelchair. Glad to know I didn't miss much lol.
I live in Kawartha Lakes Ontario.