Sunday, March 7, 2010


Beautiful weather outside 10C. Thought I do a quick post before I head out for a walk.
I have a bruise on the side of my face due to having two teeth pulled this week. I'll be glad when the implants go in because it feels strange to have a big gap in my mouth.
Heard back from the doctor in Albany about the CCSVI tests and clinical trials for the surgery. Doesn't mean I'm in but at least I'm on the list. Still have to look into what's happening with this at my local hospital. I know they need $350,000 more to begin their research.

I'm not knocking the Olympics but we spent $55 million on the "Own the Podium" program for 14 gold medals. My hospital has to beg for a few hundred thousand that could change the lives of thousands of people. Where are our priorities?

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