Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I: International Women's Day

I: International Women's Day

Happy 100th birthday!! Check out events happening all over the world 

I use to belong to the Women's Commitee at work I enjoyed it ; loved organizing seminars. The three best ones I'm proud of:  A female police officer who gave a talk about her experiences when she was sexually assaulted. She did everything wrong and wanted to share that, along with information about the right things to do. Can you beleive she didn't report the assault because at the time she wasn't wearing a bra, and thought she would be blamed!!

Then there was the seminar with "Men Against Violence Against Women" I was sick when it happened but Oh Wow! I was told that there was a huge turn out.  So many men coming to me afterwards and thanking me for making them more aware.

Finally, the speaker from Willow, a group for breast cancer survivors. The director of our office breaking down crying when she admitted to her breast cancer ordeal!! She gave an excellent impromptu talk  about how to get through it The applause afterwards was deafning

So what happened? The chair of the committee took credit for all the  hard work by me and the other members.  Not even a crumb of recognition! She did it to further her career and it worked!!   I was so disillusioned that I quit.

Is this the price we pay for joining the cut throat world of business?

Happy Day to all you women out there who work hard. You make a difference.  


Stuff could always be worse said...

Sorry you did not get any credit for all your work. I hope you can find a way to keep helping the women...

Amy said...

Thought you'd be interested to know we are celebrating MS Awareness week all month :) We have added MS resources to our site and I am blogging and learning about the topic of Multiple Sclerosis.


Taxingwoman said...

Thank You ladies. I appreciate your support. Amy, I will be checking out your website