Monday, May 16, 2011

Q: Questions

Q: Questions

OK  now I have some growths on my thyroid and am waiting for the biopsy results. So looks like it's going be another round of questions What? Why? What to do  about it? 

In the meantime I went to the Global Marijuana March, on May 7th in Toronto. Here's a few snaps of that day. You can see it's a large, diverse crowd. Will Weed be legalized in Canada?

No way, not with our current "We want to be just like America" Conservative government. People forget that the last few years we had a minority government; but now with a majority, the Conservatives will be able to push their much loved hobby horses: Increase in military spending, mandatory sentences for drug possession, free hand for big business to do as they please, dismantling of the healthcare system etc. etc.  Think it won't happen? Just give them a few months to settle in and then you'll see.  

Not that it matters much, according to these guys.


Anonymous said...

May I ask you if your biopsy procedue looked similar to the one captured in this video?
And are your nodules are large enough to be visible on the outside of your neck?
Good luck with results!

Taylor said...

Have you found cannabis helpful for your MS symptoms? I can get it medically here in CA, and it's decriminalized as well so it's not really a big deal but I have yet to try it. My doctor actually suggested I stop the other pain meds and try it so I am wondering how much it will help me. I hope it is legalized in Canada if it helps you. I find it ridiculous that pot is illegal in so many places but my Dr. can pass out drugs that can kill me and are shown to be far less effective at helping me. But I digress. Those dooms-dayers are all over the place! I wonder how they will fee on the 22nd.... Hope you're doing well. :)

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Doctor J. Haven't had the biopsy yet Next week.