Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Alcohol Experiment

This post is about a strange thing that is happening to me regarding the effects of alcohol, or rather the no effects.
I would appreciate comments or feedback,  especially if anyone has had a similar experience, or is aware of any documentation of others who have.

In the past few years I have rarely had any alcohol, as it made me feel so sick. The sensation of being even mildly drunk was awful. I would get a hangover from just a couple of drinks. It just wasn't worth it .

Recently a friend invited me out to dinner. She recommend a red wine to go with our meal. I decided not to make a fuss and agreed to ordering a bottle of this wine. I had two glasses of it and didn't feel a thing. Then I had a third and still nothing. I wrote it off to it being a very mild wine, small glasses, and the fact that I drank it with food. I  was certain I would pay for it the next morning with the usual headache. Nope, not even a twinge of a headache or sick stomach.
We did the exact same thing a couple of night later and I had the same experience. 

A week later after work, this same friend asked if I would   like to go for a quick drink after  work at the local pub.  I thought what the heck, since I had handled the wine so well . I had two  bottles of beer this time  with no food. Once again, didn't even feel the slighest buzz, so I had another. No ill effects the next day either.

OK, so this past Friday night we went out for dinner again with a  group. I had two vodka and tonics.
We didn't enjoy the food so we decided to go to another place nearby  for a night cap. I had another two vodkas. The last drink, the waiter warned me that he hadn't measured so it might be a bit stronger and he brought me extra tonic for it. Yeah, no kidding stronger. I'm sure it was close to a double, so that makes almost five drinks in a couple of hours  and I DIDN"T FEEL ANYTHING!!    The next day same deal, no ill effects.  

Now I have experience with drunkenness, so I know what it feels like and I'm telling you I felt nothing. It was like I had been drinking water all evening.

I'm not planning to become a drinker. I simply pushed myself to have those drinks because it was so strange to feel nothing, when normally I'm buzzed after one drink .

More weirdness in my life  The experiment is over, because I am a little freaked out by this.

Are my brains so fried that I  no longer feel anything?


Jodi said...

Can't say I've had that experience - very strange! I like your blog. I have an MS blog too and would love for you to check it out or add me to your list! I'm trying to connect w/ more MSers!
Best, Jodi

Jodi said...

Can't say I've had that experience - very strange! I like your blog. I have an MS blog too and would love for you to check it out or add me to your list! I'm trying to connect w/ more MSers!
Best, Jodi

Jodi said...

Guess the address would help!

ElwoodK_Rank佳玲 said...

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody...................................................

José said...


You said that you didn't feel a thing, but the way this text is written shows a certain clumsiness provoked by the accumulation of sugar in your blood, since as you know alchool is transformed into sugar.

Best regards,


P.S. Gotcha ! :-)

Diane J Standiford said...

Wow...very interesting. I won't joke about it (though I could), it would freak me out too. I assume your water intake was no different than usual. After I was in the ICU for 4 days (they found nothing wrong with me), some things changed in me. I mentioned it to a visiting OT and she said she had heard of people changing, their bodies changing for no apparent/scientific reason. Perhaps you can now "hold your booze" well and you may never know why. In a day or decade, you may get sick again at the scent of booze. Our bodies are great mysteries. I DO believe SOMETHING happened to your body.

imascatterbrain said...

Here is my mental state:
"Well, gee, maybe somebody should test this out for all the Messies, I will volunteer."

At first I wasn't going to Comment anything until I realized I was really flirting with the idea; sure, drinking bourbon to test the effect on "anyone," who has MS is clearly a silly idea, but I feel obliged to say it out loud....

imascatterbrain said...

back again, so soon? Yes, I am a dive-in type.

I am SMITTEN by your lists, but how do you get a NUMBER of extinct species? Do you mean "extinct since we bothered to notice?"

imascatterbrain said...

Yes, I think that I have heard that there are more extinct species than current...uh... alive ones?

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Jose I was alcohol free when I wrote the post.

Taxingwoman said...

Scatter Brain: It ain't my list :)
so I have no clue

imascatterbrain said...

While a smarty pants, ElwoodK_Rank佳玲, is yet a smarty pants to all.

(from the takes one to know one category?)
(ha ha ?)

CAROLE ! ! !

I can't believe I forgot to mention this true scientific FACT as a professional -

although your tolerance for alcohol may vary due to blah-blah circumstances, the amount that is FATAL for you does not ever go "up."

- yes, I am the "professional," so my information could be immediately suspect (scatter-y brains & all), but I was a bartender for 22 years, and a drinker my whole life.

Okay, no drinks since blah-blah, etc, but not my point!!!

Mexican Super Killer said...

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