Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Latest MS News

Here's an article about the rally on Parlaiment Hill yesterday  I wanted to attend this rally but  I wasn't up for a five hour drive to Ottawa.  Gee what do you know? The health minister had a previous engagement. She should be sacked for her whishy washy  bungling of this issue. 

Here's an editorial from the National Post about allowing MS patients the right to have angioplasy. What really annoys me about this editorial is even though it's calling on the governemnt to do the right thing, the writer is ignorant  of the facts. First of all, we  know that angioplasy isn't a cure for MS, secondly, this research and procedure are only controversial because the  medical community contines to make  bold claims it  doesn't work, and  thirdly why the heck should I have to pay for this procedure when we have universal healthcare, which I pay plenty for.  At least the editorial supports allowing  patients to go ahead  if they are willing to pay, which I am. I just don't want to go to a foreign country to have it done.

Consider this:  If people are allowed to pay to get boob implants and are covered to get an elastic band wrapped around their stomach to lose weight; why can't I be alowed to have a simple operation to improve my health ?  Did they have clinical trials for breast implants?  

 The MS   community is not a bunch of dim witted incompetents. We are well informed, have an excellent newtwork, and we care about each other! Stop treating us like dummies!!

Lastly I need to come up with an idea to raise money for the class action suit. It's going to be rough what with all the fake charities being uncovered lately. Anybody have ideas?


Have Myelin? said...

I didn't know you couldn't pay to have it done!

Diane J Standiford said...

Sherry, I suppose the whole "experimental" label will hold it up in Canada and U.S. too.
Wow, Carole, I wish I knew. The drug lobby is so well funded...maybe if we stopped giving OUR money to NMSS during walk a thons, bika bowla, and so on. Must be a professional fund raiser out there with MS. Can't we AT LEAST get TESTED????