Saturday, September 4, 2010

Petition and First Signs of Fall

 Been busy trying to get signatures on a petition that will be presented to Parliament on September 20th. See the deails here. Maybe get one going too if you live in Canada.
If it doesn't work, I'm getting a lawyer.  I don't have time to wait for a bunch of greedy opportunists messing with my life.

 The weather has really cooled down and I'm loving it! I know for most people it's disapointing for the last long weekend of summer to have  stormy weather and cool temperatures . Well, it's going to get hot again next week The Fall forecast is for above normal temperatures so I 'm going to enjoy this break from cold packs and sunscreen.

Here are a few photos showing the first signs of Fall along with an impromptu sculpture made by an unknown trail walker.  We are also promised amazing fall colours this year as the trees had plenty of sunshine and water .


Lisa said...

I live in the US and its cool and stormy here too. I, like you, love it!! Beautiful pictures, thank you for posting. :-)

Taylor said...

Gorgeous photos! I hope you are enjoying the lovely colors and cool weather!