Monday, June 13, 2011

S: Subculture

 On June 3rd I went to the "Treating Yourself Expo" in Toronto. Everything and anything, you need to know about medical marijuana. Not to long now until I get my license to legally smoke and grow my own weed. The only thing holding it up is the mail strike. In the meantime, if I get hassled I have a temporary card to legally smoke it, and the name of a good lawyer too. A young man in a wheelchair told me he was arrested even though he had his license on him. The charges were thrown out of court, but still he went through a year of stress. 

What an interesting show. The people at all the booths were so kind and had lots of useful information. The common theme  seemed to me to be about compassion, although it's amazing to see how companies are cashing in. All the things you need to start your own grow op, whether indoors or out; including a
self contained unit with lights, tables, fans, and security cameras starting at $80,000 and up, depending on how you want it customized.  They had a small unit for $1200 called the "Spinner" which holds about a dozen plants and only uses about $20 per month of electricity. If things go well, I'm considering buying one for myself. 

I tried this amazing marijuana pain relief cream. It wasn't for sale at the show but the had samples. I rubbed some on my neck which was so stiff and sore, I didn't think I would survive the trip on the bus to Toronto.
At first I thought it wasn't working; then after about half an hour Wow! It removed all the pain and stiffness.
I'll let you know the name of it as soon as I sort through all the information I picked up at the show and I have a ton of it.

Then I purchased a marijuana cookie; cranberry and white chocolate. During a break, I had a cup of tea and half of the cookie. Same thing as the cream; at first I didn't think it was doing anything and then Boom! Did I ever feel good and mellow. The cookies range in price from $8 to $10 each which is expensive, but you could easily break it up in pieces and still get a decent buzz.  What a nice relaxing trip home on the bus!!

So here we are with  this weed  subculture. It seems like everybody is doing it, yet the stuff is still illegal!

The only other news is that a tree fell on my house during a real nasty thunderstorm. The guys are outside right now cleaning up the mess.


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