Wednesday, June 22, 2011

T: Trails

Another rainy day here.  Ever since the tree incident I'm nervous during a thunderstorm, as the tree that is now only half a tree, is very threatening. A city inspector is supposed to drop by to have a look at it and it will be cut down if it is deemed to be unsafe. I think it is and so does my neighbour. She has more to worry about than me since her house is tiny and has the most exposure to this half  tree. You would have to see it to realize what a huge thing it is and far too big for the tiny property it's on. If I don't hear anything by next week, I guess I'll have to start nagging my city Councillor

I'm waiting for the results of my  thyroid biopsy. I should know the good/bad news by the end of the week.

My legs are killing me and I'm walking very stiffly at times. Still I manage to get out on the trails walking. I'm a wreck afterwards but I don't care. I'm a wreck anyways, so may as well keep walking. If it means I spend the rest of the evening lying on the couch so be it.

The only other news is the federal government has introduced legislation to privatize the growing and sale of medical marijuana. Health Canada and regular folks like me will no longer be permitted to grow the stuff. I don't have a problem with that except once again; will the weed be of poor quality and expensive like the health Canada product is ?

There's no point in me even saying that marijuana should be legalized. Our prime minister has made it clear that no way will that ever happen while he is in office and he has a majority in parliament . An international panel has declared the war on drugs to be a total failure, and recommends marijuana be legalized, but do the politician listen ? No they and the enforcement community are stuck in  the 1950's ideology of " Reefer Madness".

For some reason a person has decided that the Sassafras trail, is the LSD trail, as you can see from the pictures below.Why anyone would get stoned and attempt to navigate this trail I think is very foolish. There are no lights, and if you veer off the trail even slightly there's tons of poison ivy. You could also easily fall down the embankment and end up in the harbour.  Otherwise it's very pretty and soul restoring to walk there.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Nice pics of the trail. Sorry that your legs are aching.

kate said...

Hi Carole,

Thank you for stopping by on my aunties blog - she really appreciated it!

Thought you might like to look at this link - especially as it has a video discussing the funding for clinical trials in Winnipeg! I know its not Ontario just yet but its all gotta be good!

Thanks again and Jenny would love to hear more from you whenever you feel! Just trying to build a sort of community ya know.

Kind regards