Monday, July 4, 2011



And I don't mean the United Nations. No, I was looking up a word in the dictionary; the old school, book kind, when I came a cross the the entry for : un.  A very useful prefix, that can be used to change the meaning of so many words: unkind, undead, unbelievable, undeniable, unlike,unreal, etc. etc.

Perfect because I'm feeling very un.  First, the phone call from the neurologist's office, telling me they can't interpret the results of my thyroid biopsy, so they are referring me to an endocrinologist. That I don't get. Either the thing is malignant or benign. Has to come out, or be treat with drugs.  Another delay, another nuisance.

Then I got the bill for my share of the tree removal: $1045.!!! At first my neighbour and me were hopeful that that was the total for both of us, but Nope!!    AND does the neighbour who's tree caused all the damage give a hoot!! Nope. AND no point in putting in an insurance claim since I have a $500 deductible and they threaten to raise my rates if I do. Don't you just love insurance companies!

Canadians, this is the kind of crap we will have to go through with insurance companies if  we decide to go with private health care; so  think about it before you start ragging on about what a mess our system is. We have a pretty good system; even if the doctors can be real twits sometimes.They are just as big of twits in the U.S.

I've been reading some MS blogs, which I haven't done for awhile.  So many people having real challenges.
 So many people who believed the drugs would help, yet sadly they progress; just like me. Doesn't seem to matter what we do, MS keeps marching to it's own pace.

  My challenge right now is with my walking. I can still walk pretty good, but I've had to give up climbing the stairs at the harbour, and walking uphill yesterday,  was  really slow and difficult. My right leg is the one causing me problems, but the left one ain't so hot either. I guess that's because I'm compensating for the right leg, which stresses the left.  I can see that in the near future I may have to sell my house, because the stairs are getting hard to manage. 

The Canada Day weekend was pleasant. The first real summer weather and the first weekend for  air conditioning. I have a love/hate relationship with my air conditioner. I feel so much better when it is on but I hate the ever increasing expense of electricity.  For me the culprit in my MS struggles is the heat, so I really need this air and I hate that reality.

Here's a few photos  from this weekend. It was Scottish day at Dundurn Castle, and I just happened to be going by when the bag pipers were practicing. We were being sill at the garden and the ants were having a good time too. The Elvis is from my trip to the Falls last week. For $2.00 he will do a dance and give you a guitar necklace.


Anonymous said...

The cytologist or cytopathologist is the person who should evaluate the biopsy specimen. If the microscopic sample evaluatin fails to tell if the growth is cancerous or benign the molecular test must be used to answer that question

Taxingwoman said...

Thank You Dr. J