Wednesday, July 20, 2011

V: Value

V: Value
Does human life have value anymore? After my recent travels and also watching news about  the  the phone hacking  scandal; I think not.

 What else can I say about air travel that hasn't already been said? Does anyone remember the comic Alan King? He had an entire routine about how awful air travel is and things have only gotten worse. You have to practically be an Olympic athlete to survive it.

I know we need airport security, but those body scanners are dehumanizing. Doesn't seem to matter how much security we have when any bozo can hack your cell phone and even delete your messages.

Enough said about all that, because it's too depressing to think that we no longer have any privacy or any dignity.

On a lighter note: I'm plugging a website for my friend Sourav,  who lives in Mumbai. It's called Skyward Future Artists. If you like art you will enjoy this site.

We are having a crazy heatwave, 38C out there. For the last three days I haven't been any further than my garden and even then only for a few minutes. I can't handle this oppressive weather. Yeah, last week I was visiting friends who live in the dessert and it was incredibly hot; but they live the typical American lifestyle.  The go  from the air conditioned house, to the car, and then to the cool indoor destination, with only short periods outside,so I was fine. Back home it's a different story. I don't have a car, I detest cabs, and public transportation in my city really sucks. I'm staying in my nice cool house and am amazed how much better I feel with the air conditioning on. Haven't had a hot spell in weeks. It's lovely to feel almost normal.

Most of my vacation pictures didn't turn out . I'm waiting for my friends to send me a few shots.  Meanwhile, here's one of my favourite restaurants in Las Cruces, N.M., me at the pool cooling off, and some art.


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