Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Big Clean Up

Finally the work is done, the contractors gone, and my house is in order. Everything is looking good. I'm amazed at how much warmer and quieter it is inside thanks to the new windows. No more drafts!

Haven't been feeling to bad except for the cursed fatigue.

I am unhappy with a couple of fair weather friends, no, more like bad weather friends.I was annoyed with one of them who went away this week to spend the holidays out west. When I said give me a call before you leave9 I wanted to say Merry Christmas have a safe trip) she said "Oh she would be too busy" but not so busy that she managed to send me stupid email jokes that evening. Yeah OK lady I'll remember that in the New Year when you call me up to keep me on the phone for two hours complaining about your boyfriend. And yeah I hope you are reading this. Having friends means making time for them and not just when it' convenient for you.

Straightening up the house and getting ready for the holidays has left me with little energy for anything else, so the old blog has been neglected. To be honest I'm not even sure if I want to carry on with a blog. I feel like I've said pretty much everything I can about MS and prattling on about my life doesn't seem to be worth the time and energy involved. We'll see. Maybe I'm over tired.


Rei said...

I'm glad your house is done, Carole! :) Isn't it nice when they're all gone and you can finally enjoy everything?

And your friend doesn't sound like a very good one... I agree with you, it works both ways and she's going to be SOL the next time she needs you...

And please don't stop blogging! I love reading about your life and hearing what you have to say! Maybe you could take pictures and make it a picture blog? I don't know, I'd just hate to see you go...


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Rei
Don't think I'm going to give up blogging There are times when I just can't put my thoughts into words
Glad you enjoy my blog

occam said...

I really enjoy it too! Don't stop blogging! I read you often altho I don't always comment and don't agree with you 100% but who needs everyone to be a yes man? Viva la difference! For instance, my definition of a war is much broader than yours. I think Afghanistan is definitely a war. There are probably a hundred armed conflicts going on in the world right now. Unfortunately. They all make me sad. But perhaps if we keep communicating we will come to see how much alike we all are and the "wars" will grow fewer?