Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter is Here !!

Feels like -20C out there with the wind chill And Oh what a chilly wind!It felt like a hurricane when I went out this afternoon. I could barely walk. It burned the skin on my face and now I have two big red patches underneath my eyes. It's still howling out there now.

I feel like a wreck. Thank goodness for the old movie channel because I sure don't feel like doing much. Right now I'm cooking chili and watching "Odds Against Tomorrow" starring Harry Belafonte as a small time crook who joins up with two white guys to rob a bank. Interesting racial tensions, greed overcoming any prejudice.

I was watching the birds outside today and wondering how they manage in this cold.

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Rei said...

Winter has definitely come early this year! We got a lot of snow here yesterday and it's still really windy outside here. I think it's supposed to drop into the arctic range tomorrow...