Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm embarrassed that Canada has been described as the "ant at the picnic" at the Copenhagen climate summit.
Polar bears are eating their young due to starvation. The Russians are booking commercial ships for the North East Passage, offering free ice breakers, so confident are they that the arctic sea will remain free of ice. In spite of this our Prime Minister, rejects calls for controls on the Tar Sands saying it is important for jobs and the Canadian economy. I guess when we are all under water we will finally get it That climate change is here.

We have to stop kidding ourselves that an ever expanding economy is sustainable.
That we can just keep on sucking commodities out of the ground to make a bunch of junk that we don't need.

Get out of your car, go for a walk, quit hanging around malls buying cheap plastic stuff, stop drinking bottled water, and start looking for energy alternatives.