Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reasons To Hope

Here's an a news article from a couple of weeks ago that I  forgot about" Bionic legs for paraplegics.  It's an exoskeleton with sensors.I thought this  would also benefit those with  with MS who are in wheel chairs, so that is a very promising development. 

Another article and a Hooray!! to Hamilton researchers at Mc Master, who have been able to turn regular skin cells into blood cells without needing stem cells to do it. It may be possible one day to use your own skin cells to custom make  other cells your body needs.  

And lastly, an article warning against the MS "liberation surgery" Another bunch of doctors, another medical association, telling MS patients to be patient and take the wait and see approach;  with no valid arguements to explain why people should wait.

Lots of reasons to be hopeful.  Even the negative stuff,  because it shows that patients are exercising their rights and taking control of their treatment options.

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