Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Busy

Haven't had much time to blog Too busy with Christmas decorating and writing cards. That's the way it goes with my MS.  The days of multi tasking are long over. Now I'm happy if I can do a couple of things everyday and happy when my  "to do"  list of little things is all crossed out.

Not impressed with all the negative comments and hostility toward my stand on MS surgery You people seriously need to get a life and quite acting like your opinions are so note worthy. " I don't support MS surgery because" "Blah blah blah".   If I want negativity I just need to go to the office. Don't really need it from the MS community. So stuff it!!


Clare said...

Hello Carole.
I have MS and live in the UK.
Just love this last post you did about just doing what you can when you can, and no multi tasking lol.
Getting to accept you cannot multi task was a battle for me and now I am so chilled about it and wonder why I stressed over it for so long.


Diane J Standiford said...

Nice thing about assisted living, they put te party on. I did have a friend put our tree up. Time of year when friends are the best part.