Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hot and Cold

 First I'd like to apologize that I may have deleted some comments by accident. I always publish any and all comments. Usually, I like to go back and read  them  again after  they are published but I don't seem to be able to find  a couple. Have to see if I can retrieve them some how..  
 OK all my Christmas decorations are up and they look pretty good !! Bonus, is the ever growing display of Christmas greeting cards and postcards, thanks to my postcard club. I'll post some photos once my card "tree" is filled. I have two stands that are meant for photos but work great for postcards.  One looks like a floor lamp, only instead of a shade there are steel  rectangles with clips. The other looks like a big star with the same type of clips at the end of each point. It should look pretty cool once all the cards are in place. 
 I' m experiencing an extreme reaction to the cold ; It totally wipes me out.

 It's different from the way I feel on a hot summer day. During the summer, I have to avoid going out on hot sunny days and when I do, I use frozen cold packs to regulate my body temperature . Even if I'm careful the sun and heat leave me wasted. Now, when I'm out in  the cold weather, even if I'm dressed properly the cold makes me so tired. That really sucks too, because I didn't think it was possible to have more fatigue but yes, it seems there is no bottom to these tired depths.

  Saturday, after walking to the hardware store to buy some plumbing supplies ( Oh! that's a whole other post)   I came home and crashed on the couch. I was able to get up and have dinner but that was about it. The rest of the evening was spent in fron of the t.v. Thank goodness for old movies; they are a blessed distraction. I couldn't even manage to pick up  a pen to work on my puzzle book.

That's the second time this happens. Same thing last week when I went out to do some Christmas shopping. Normally in winter I like to walk places if  I can to  get some exercise, which often is my only exercise.  So looks like that's not going to work out . I can't afford to lose an entire day to feeling like a zombie because of half  an hour of walking. AND I do mean zombie .  I'll have to start using the Wii Fit again and stay with my protien diet.

Trying to think of a place in this world that has moderate temperatures but I don't think it exihists.


Karen said...

I know how you feel. I just posted on my blog about the cold and my spasticity. If you find a place in the world with a moderate climate...please let me know!

Diane J Standiford said...

I hoped Seattle would be "that place"--ok, could be better, but pretty terrific.

I have MS; MS does not have me.... said...

I hear you. Cold affects me much more than heat. I live in Alaska...not very smart of me is it? (c;