Friday, June 5, 2009

The Latest Addiction

Here's a couple of shots of Dundurn Castle, were I went walking yesterday afternoon and a view of the other side of the harbour.

Came home exhausted from that walk . I thought I would lie on the couch for a little while and rest. Ended up spending the night there in my clothes, my slippers on, unwashed, teeth not brushed. Seriously, I couldn't get up to go to bed. In the morning I was totally disgusted with myself. I crawled up to the bathroom and had a long shower. After breakfast and a cup of tea I felt much better. This evening I had a shorter walk but still came home feeling wilted. Crashed out on the couch, yet manged to get up at least this time and enjoy the evening . I'm a little worried that the walks leave me so sore and tired.

My son bought me The Sims 3, another addiction. I now have too many goofing off distractions to tempt me.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, but so worth it. Just beautiful. Play hard.