Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MS Support ?!

So if you have MS the only answer is drugs ? I'm so sick of websites and blogs were that seems to be the only recommended solution . Stop pushing drugs .
Before you recommend a drug I think you should have proof, real proof, that it works. You should also be more up front about the side effects.
I'm not convinced that many of the drugs work and I'm sick of non professionals and Heck! even the professionals, hawking the latest treatment miracle MS drug. From what I read and what I see, we all end up at the same dead end street . We can slow that mother down, but MS bites us in the ass anyway. On top of that do we really need bummed out livers and diabetes from years of taking treatments ?

Yeah I'm in a foul mood . What people with MS really need is support. They need good care and they need proper living alternatives. They need to feel that they have options besides pills and needles !!!! They need respect and to be able to live with dignity !

I'm moving on with the next phase of my medical accommodation Things are going fine at work with the at home arrangement. Now my battle is to acquire medical information that has been withheld from me and yet has been used against me. May have to seek legal counsel . I'm not getting any answers to my questions . It is so frustrating and maddening to find out that this crazy process I've had to endure for almost two years, was completely unnecessary . I'm disgusted that so called professionals can be so incompetent . How they simply don't care that they have messed up the life of an individual that is not feeling good (actually pretty crappy).
I am sick to death of all these amateur psychiatrists and wanna be counselors. Maybe the need is to help yourself dummies, and leave me alone, because my head is just fine . Yeah I'm crazy but at least I know it and I don't go around trying to "fix" other people because my life is so empty and I'm so needy.

My vengeful side wants to curse them with every plague and have them need help, only to be spurned. My more rational side wants to try do something, so that some other poor sucker doesn't have to go through what I have been through.


Lazy Julie said...

Rant on, my friend. I am a firm believer that, although we share a common disease, we all have our own paths. I hope that when I speak of medication in my blog, I am really clear that they are MY questions and part of MY journey. I know and respect people with MS who do only diet, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, Reiki, etc. There are others who spoke pot to relieve pain. Still more who take the same drugs that people use to kick heroin. And the, there are many who only use the western meds that we are most often offered. I am in recovery so the heroin withdrawel drugs and the pot are out for me, but I am open to anything that could help. I appreciate hearing the different perspectives and then I consider the source, take what I like and leave the rest.
That is what I do. You, however, can rant and rave and sue and keep blogging. Blogging is the BEST treatment of all.
Love and peace and an award coming your way. Come pick it up on my blog.
Lazy J

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,

Good post kept saying hear hear all the way through.

Great rant.


google_admin said...

Interesting post but you just touched on half the problem!!!!!
My GI doctor thinks that my current pancreatics problems are a side effect of the MS drug I was using. Before testing if the drug works first insure it does no harm.
I remember years ago when they first started testing interferon drugs I was offered the "chance" to participated in an alpha interferon test. Fortunately I declined as they had to stop the tests within 2 weeks as the drug seemed to induce MS attacks (I believe that was where they got the idea for beta interferon which has the the opposite effect the alpha interferon).
Don't know about the other drugs but I'm with you, I want to see some real proof of not just improvement but significant improvement.
Grandpa Oddball

Taxingwoman said...

Thank You for your support everyone !

Diane J Standiford said...

You know I agree with you!!!
To ell with em.