Saturday, June 13, 2009

Strange and Wonderul Things.

Here's a photo my friend sent me of a big scary spider. He was out in the desert looking for snakes and snapped this Tarantula. He looks for snakes that stray out on to the highway and removes them. I never knew that a snake will assume a striking pose when a car drives by and instead of scurrying away, ends up getting hit.

The lower photo is one I took last night as the sun was going down over the new sign at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The old sign, which arched out over the street, fell off during a big storm a couple of years ago. It must have had a serious design flaw as it sheared off the wall in a perfectly smooth slice . Thank goodness nobody was around when it happened . The sign was so big and heavy, they had to leave it lying at the curb for a few days to wait for a crane to come remove it.

The only problem with this new sign, is when you walk down the street on the opposite side, it spells out HDA

Anyway, I went to the Art Crawl on James Street and was on my way home when I took that picture . The Art Crawl is a chance to see all the local artists and their work, sample some nibbles, hard and soft drinks, and wander around. There are also street musicians and other entertainment. James Street is one of those down and out derelict places that attracts starving artists. The city wants to open an art centre there. I just hope it doesn't go the way of other gentrified places and become too cool ( read expensive).

It was nice to be able to go out on a Friday evening, instead of my usual ,flopping on the couch from exhaustion after a day in the office. Guess the tele -work is having a positive effect.
Hmmmm ? (employers take note)

I don't get people who check out blogs, but keep their blog private. What are you trying to hide ?
Come on and join us, the water is fine.

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Diane J Standiford said...

People have private blogs? That SPIDER! Arrgg, hey yeah, telecommuting is great. So happy you got it.